Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge

29 December 2012

I absolutely enjoy participating in these photo-a-day challenges that float around the many social networks. They've become so popular that there have been different versions made. So, for fun, I thought I'd create my own. Since there are so many drool-worthy Filofax/planner photos out there already, I figured, why not make a photo challenge that focuses on my current obsession--Filofax! Of course, this challenge isn't only for Filofax users but is open to all planner lovers of all brands. Whether you're ring-bounding, wire-bounding, or...disc-bounding (?) it, you're more than welcome to join in on the fun. Starting January 1st, I'll be posting photos on my new Flickr group. If you're interested, come play along.

If you're not familiar with photo-a-day challenges, here's how to play: on each day, take a photo by following the prompts listed above, and then share it on a social network of your choice (Flickr and Instagram are both good places to start). It's as simple as that! Be creative and have fun with it. Just don't forget to include the hashtag (#fflovephotoaday) so that other players can see. You can also join the new Flickr group and share your photos there. Happy snapping!

Olivia, The Osterley

28 December 2012

Happy Friday! Hope everyone's holidays was merry and bright!

My friend, who is an over-the-top-borderline-obsessive-planner-junkie like myself (if not more) gave me--gave me!--this lovely grey personal Osterley. Eeek! I just love how that rolls across my tongue. Osterley. OST-erley. Ossssterrrrley....

She mentioned something about having way too many planners and needing a planner-detoxification-or-other (which almost sounds absurd to me now that I think about it). I forget the rest of her explanation because at that point, my mind went completely blank out of sheer shock over the fact that I was being given an Osterley. There are no words to describe my extreme gratitude and excitement!

To say this Filofax is lovely would be an understatement. She is utterly stunning! In a classy, refined, and demure kind of way. This Filofax oozes exquisiteness. She's like that one friend who wears only high-end designer clothes, name drops during conversations, has access to all the notorious hot spots, takes you out for dinner at fancy pants restaurants, and says stuff like "oh, dah-ling!" and "ta-ta, for now".

This Filofax is all prim and proper, from her Croc print Italian leather and contrast stitching, down to the little bronze button on her clasp. It'd be nice if her rings matched the brushed metal of her exterior though. In fact, nothing in her insides match at all what with the contrasting leathers. But, I kind of like that about her.

The grey is on the lighter end and appears almost purplish under certain lighting. Or maybe that's all in my head as purple is my favorite color. Regardless, I like the grey. It's a nice change from all the reds/browns of my recent Filofax. And with the Piccadilly now a part of my collection, my search for the perfect green planner is over, making way for my recently developed grey/black planner phase. This Osterley is the perfect start to that as it has a mix of both.

I don't normally name inanimate objects that I own but, I christened her Olivia nonetheless because, well, I can and I like the name. It's got a fancy ring to it, Olivia. And fancy is definitely what this Filofax is. I don't plan on moving into the Osterley just yet (still quite comfortable in my Crimson Malden) but she definitely has a spot in the Filofax rotation. I'll keep you all posted!

Happy Holidays!

25 December 2012

Whatever holiday it is you and your family are celebrating this season, may it be filled with tons of love and merriment. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Bigger is (Not Always) Better

22 December 2012

Franklin Covey Compact Binder.

I won this wonderful Franklin Covey binder off of ebay during my recent search for a green planner fix. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact style and I had no luck getting a response from its previous owner. But, it was listed at a fairly decent price that I couldn't resist so, I decided to take the plunge. Plus, the binder is a lovely shade of olive green, its leather is soft and unstructured (which means it'll hug all its innards like a glove), it has a plethora of pockets, two pen loops and it has some of the biggest, BADDEST rings I have ever seen in a planner.

This planner is a compact size binder (a personal in Filofax speak), and has a ring size of 1.75"! Even though I was well aware of its ring size when I bought the planner, I was still pretty shocked at its enormousness upon receiving it in the mail. Overall, the planner was in good condition considering it was listed as Used. I love its many compartments. On the inside you have a total of six card holders, pen loop, a secretarial pocket, and a full-length slip pocket behind that. On the back there is a second pen loop, another secretarial pocket and a small zip compartment. You'll also find a nice hidden pocket on the back of the planner.

Lovely details AND a hidden pocket in the back!

I love the little details of this binder. Take for instance the little leather strap that snaps close over the card pockets to help keep cards in place. This I've never seen before in any planner I've ever owned (and I've owned several FC binders in the past). Though I'm not much of a fan for planners with big buckles (which are adjustable), I have to say that the double pen loops make for a pretty darn good compromise. Other than that, it's a fairly decent binder. Here's a few more photos of the Jolly Green Giant next to my lovely Crimson Malden.

FC rings VS. Maldens rings.

FC binders are slightly wider than the Filofax.

Looking awfully empty compared to my stuffed Malden.

Anyway, it's been a few days now that this binders been in my possession and I still can't get over how ginormous its rings are! As you can see, my Malden's puny rings are no match. In fact, they're so big that they may be even too big for me. I know, insane, right? I mean, aren't bigger rings what most planner people love and what Filofax users only dream of? I don't know. Maybe it's been awhile since I've been with a planner with rings of this size. Maybe I've become so used to the rings on my Filofax that 1.75" is just way too big for me to handle.

Even when stuffed with the few FC inserts I managed to scrounge up in my desk (monthly tabs, week on two pages, several sheets of note paper, a set of dividers, and several plastic inserts), it still looks mighty anorexic next to my fatty-fat Malden. I hate to see a perfectly good planner unused but I haven't found any use for it yet. For now, the binder sits a top my desk looking lonely, forlorn, and starved with its big ol' rings. I can't imagine ever filling up rings so big or how heavy the whole thing would be if I ever did manage to stuff it to its full capacity. Besides, I've only just gotten my Crimson Malden and I am quite happy with it. With all that said, I'm unsure whether or not I want to keep the binder until I find some use for it or sell it altogether.

Hmmm. Decisions, decisions...

Random Bits

14 December 2012

Just a few random updates regarding random things:

  • I went ahead and moved into my new Crimson Malden which made me realize just how much I missed this particular style of Filofax. The lovely deep shade of cherry red was just what my Ochre Malden was missing. Regardless, I am happy to have them both in my collection.
  • I am also very much still enamored with Ms. Holborn who is, at the moment, taking a mini vacay. After all, even the most perfect pair needs a bit of breathing room sometimes.
  • The A5 Finchley I talked about winning on eBay unfortunately never arrived. Something about "Undeliverable to Address" or other. So, it's on its way back to its previous or, I suppose, current owner. The seller and I both agreed on a refund which is for the best because I don't know what on earth I would do with an A5.
  • The days are getting quite chilly here in sunny San Diego which means only one thing: time to bust out the scarves, coats, and boots! I love this time of year.
  • I can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching and, even more exciting, the new year! I love the idea of "fresh starts" and "new beginnings" that each new year promises. I look forward to what 2013 will bring for me and my family.
  • Hopefully in 2013 there will be more blogging! I am quite enjoying this particular blog and have many fun ideas for it. Also, I may have mentioned another project I'm very excited about that is also in the works. So, stay tuned!

Thanks for the visit however brief and, Happy Friday, everyone! ♥

2013 Planner Prep + New Inserts

07 December 2012

Since moving into my Holborn, I feel like I haven't quite fully "settled in". A midst planning, I have been taking things out, adding things in, and rearranging everything. With the coming of the new year, I've been in more of a frenzy to get everything planner perfect and ready for 2013.

I'm always on the lookout for new planner inserts and am prone to stuff anything I find planner related into my Filofax. Anything from random note papers/stickies I find whilst shopping, plastic inserts (you can never have enough of these), to diary/calendar pages with interesting layouts.

Davinci diary inserts for 2013

So, when I saw these diary inserts on several Flickr streams, I knew I had to get some to try out for myself. If you're not already familiar with these, they are the Davinci inserts and you can get them from here--an online market that sells all sorts of goodies from various shops in Japan. Apparently, Davinci sells a whole line of lovely planners and inserts which you can also purchase online. Just a bit of FYI on the ordering process though, you'll want the Bible size inserts which will fit into the personal size Filofax. Most e-mail confirmations I received were sent in Japanese. With the help of Google Translate I was able to read my e-mails with no problem and my order arrived in good time (about a week and some days).

Finally, a layout I like!

What drew me to these particular diary pages was its layout. As you can see, you have your whole week displayed to your left with the weekends at the bottom, a handy notes section on your right with an area for making lists (complete with tick boxes!), and a monthly view at the bottom for reference. The inserts are printed on cream colored paper, and run from December 2012 to March 2014. The only thing I didn't like about them was that the paper they're printed on runs pretty thin, much like Filofax's white diary inserts. Not a super big problem for me but, if you're particular about that, these inserts aren't for you. Also, the weekends are given a much smaller space for planning and, because these are from Japan, holidays are written in Japanese and may not include the standard U.S. holidays. Otherwise, I like them very much and I'm excited to put them to use once the new year begins.

I also purchased the Week on Two Pages format in case I change my mind later and want to move back. They're very much like Filofax's Week on Two Pages only the weekends are given their equal space on paper. Unfortunately, paper quality is also the same.

Plenty of room for planning out the weekend!

In a previous post, I raved about my current dividers which I found at a local Japanese Market called Marukai. They sell an assortment of things, most of which are also imported from Japan. I love this place and am grateful for this and a number of other Japanese markets in San Diego. I used to live in Japan (my dad being in the military, my family and I were stationed there for a good five years) and stepping into these stores always brings forth fond memories of my time there. Plus, it's nice to be able to purchase things like certain foods and stuff that you might not find in your local grocers/market. But, I digress. These dividers are great! They're made of thin plastic which I prefer over paper ones as they'll hold up longer. I liked these so much that I made sure to purchase several of them to keep for later. Unfortunately, I may have bought Marukai's complete inventory of dividers (there weren't that many to begin with) and they haven't replaced them since (I know because I check frequently). So, I'm excited to have found these dividers online (also purchased from here).

Top Tabbed Dividers (Left) and 10-Tab Dividers (Right).

The first set are top tabbed dividers (bottom tabbed if flipped over) made of a very, very thin, see-through plastic. They are blank but come with pre-printed labels. The other set are regular 10 tab dividers made of really thick card stock. These are also blank but come with no labels. The 10 tab dividers will go straight to my treasure trove of planner inserts for future use but the top tabbed dividers will replace the ones I made to mark the sub-sections in my planner. Although the Avery-tabs-stuck-onto-plastic-flyleafs set-up I'm currently using for my sub-sections work just fine, I like the idea of having a more solid divider. Plus everything looks more neat, put together, and streamlined which I really like.

Sub-sections made with Avery tabs and plastic flyleafs. These will be replaced.

There might be a bit more rearranging to do and some purging of old inserts I don't care to bring into the new year but, so far, I'm pretty satisfied with Ms. Holborn's overall set-up. However, I can't promise that anymore changes won't be made because they most likely will. She's quite stuffed at the moment but, I think most of her plumpness is due to the fact that I'm using her as a wallet as well. I don't normally like to use my planner as a wallet but I'm currently in wallet limbo and on the lookout for a new one. If it weren't for my indecisiveness and my strict standards/requirements for a new wallet (more on that later), I would have found one already. Until then, Ms. Holborn will have to do. Thank goodness for her many pockets! Oh, how I love this Filofax. ♥

Anyway, have you started your planner prepping for the new year? If so, which inserts do you plan on using? Be sure to share in the comments below and, as always, thanks for stopping by.

Hey There, Lovely!

04 December 2012

Apparently, my hands have a mind of their own and may have bid on this here Filofax Piccadilly on eBay and won it. It must have been while I was deep into one of my television shows or favorite book or whatever. These sneaky hands! If it weren't for the fact that the Filofax was won at a fairly decent price, and if weren't for the fact that it's a lovely green Filofax, and I have always wanted a green planner, I may have been very, very disappointed.

Anyway, isn't she just lovely and all vintage-y? I was very happy to have received her in such good condition considering she was bought used. Save for a few "love marks" here and there--a minuscule scratch on her front cover (you'll barely notice it), some marks on one of her pen loops that look like it may have been ink, and a tear along the side of her rings--she looks great. In fact, I think she wears her scars well and they just add to her overall beauty. It just goes to show that her previous owner must have loved her tons and used her regularly.

I just adore the Piccadilly's color and, for once, I might have captured her true colors in my photos. I don't know why, but the green puts a smile to my face. It kind of reminds me of watermelon flavored lollipops and Jolly Rancher candies. Just yummy! It's vibrant, and it's fun.

She's got eight wonderful card slots down the inside cover, a full-length pocket behind that, and a zip pocket on the back. The leather is smooth yet grainy and is reminicent of Ruby, the red Finsbury. It's a shame this range of Filofax is no longer around. I wish I knew more about them such as what year they came out, their retail value, and what colors they came in.

As I am an "all-in-one-place" type of planner gal, and because I am very much still enamored with the beautiful, Ms. Holborn, I don't have any set plans yet for the lovely Piccadilly. Because of her cheery color, I had thought of saving her for the Spring/Summer seasons. Like my bags, I like the thought of switching up my planner every now and then. Plus, I tend to get bored (not the case with Ms. Holborn yet) so, switching things up is nice. Another good thing about having everything in one place? Switching planners is easy-peasy. But, the Spring/Summer seasons seem so far away and this Filofax is much too pretty to stow away for later. I did toy with the idea of putting together a Filofax made specifically for blogging purposes. You know, a place where I could store ideas, drafts, and tasks for this blog as well as another that's in the works (a blog I'm super excited about but, more on that when the time comes!). Seeing as I already have a perfectly organized blog section in my beloved Holborn, the idea of creating a separate Filofax went quickly out the window. Having to refer to several planners for different things seems too much work to me. I like all my stuff in one place, thankyouverymuch. For the meantime, the Piccadilly will have to stay perched atop my desk where I can gaze at her loveliness, and imagine her all plump and stuffed with information whilst running my fingers across her leather.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of "green planners", I might as well mention that my hands may have also bid on a jade green, A5 Finchley, and may have won it, too. In fact, it might be on it's way to me as we speak. I know, I know. Weren't we just talking about having everything all in one place? What on earth I'm going to do with an A5 is besides me. These hands, I tell you. *eye roll*

Anyway, are you a blissful owner of a Piccadilly or know more information on this range? If so, do share in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you! As always, thanks for reading and have a splendid rest of the week, everyone! See you on Friday.

The Boston Binder by Franklin Covey

30 November 2012

Now, before anyone bombards me with any questions, please, let me explain myself...

It's not what you think. I am not cheating on my Filofax. You see, a friend of mine recently purchased this compact sized, Boston Binder from Franklin Covey as a late birthday present for herself but, upon receiving it, decided it didn't meet her expectations. Rather than go through the ordeal of returning it, she figured she'd hold onto it in hopes of finding some use for it.

Unless, you want to, you know, give her a go?, she asks me over the phone one day. And, if you end up liking her, I can sell her to you for cheap. I know how much you like planners. Hmm, tempting. I sometimes hate that she knows me so well!

I thought, well, my friend needs my help. What kind of friend would I be if I turned her down? And haven't I always wanted a green planner? Besides, it's not like I've committed to buying the planner from her (yet). I was merely "giving her a go".

Anyway, after much deliberation, I soon had the Boston binder in my hands. Want to know my initial thought? "Eh, she's...A'IGHT."

This is a compact sized binder which would be equivalent to Filofax's personal size. However, FC binders run much wider than the Filofax as shown in the photo below. Much too wide for my liking, actually. However, this might be a good "in-between" as far as planner sizes go for some people. Not too big, not too small.

Side-by-side with Ms. Holborn. I have failed yet again to capture the Boston's true color which is a shade darker than pictured.

You'd think that, during the months since I've switched over from Franklin Covey to a Filofax, the people at FC would do something different with their binders. But, no. Although pretty in its overall appearance, the Boston binder is just another typical FC planner to me. Nothing to really "ooh" and "aah" about (and, trust me, I've seen/used a lot of FC planners in my day).

The Bostons color is more of a hunter green as opposed to the Emerald shade depicted on the Franklin Covey website (and in my photos). The leather is pebbled but smooth to the touch. The buckle clasp detail on the snap closure is nice (and adjustable!) but, again, nothing new there, and it has no problem laying flat when opened. This binder boasts 1 1/8" rings and inside there are many pockets and slots. But, what I found most interesting, was the two (TWO!), large pen loops. So much so that I spent a good portion of my time with her, trying out different sized pens in each, in and out, in and out (get your mind out of the gutter, now!) and was amazed at how spacious the pen loops were. The lack of a decent sized pen loop is (*looks over shoulder*), I'm afraid to say this should I hurt anyone's feelings, (*whispering*) is probably the one thing the Holborn is missing. Question is, were these pen loops enough to win me over?

Front Interior

Back Interior

Well, after more planner petting, poking, and prodding, I came to two conclusions: 1.) there really isn't much that I miss about the FC binders and 2.) I am very much still in love with my Filofax.

The Boston binder will be going back to my friend. If this is the binder for you, you should know that it also comes in FC's classic size (similar to Filofax's A5) and in the colors black, and teal. I, on the other hand, will continue planning my days with my beloved, Ms. Holborn and, perhaps, still keep an eye out for a green planner. Maybe Ms. Holborn won't mind a little Ménage à trois, yes?


22 November 2012

To those who are celebrating this day of thanks, here's a big


From my family to yours, here's wishing your day be filled with lots of love, happiness, and tons of yummy goodness!

A Week With Ms. Holborn

16 November 2012

It's Friday here, yet again. I hope everyone had a splendid week!

I've finally moved into my new personal Holborn and I have to say, I am loving everything about her. She has this sophisticated beauty that no planner I've ever owned can match. I smile every time I open her up and see that all my things--cards, stubs, random papers--all have a proper place of their own inside of all of the little compartments. There are so many pockets that I haven't even used all of them!

Anyway, I was going to do a post loaded with photos on my current set-up but, instead, I've decided to just do a summarize of what's inside. However, you could still see plenty of Ms. Holborn on my Flickr page, as well as a more detailed description as to how I've put everything together.

My handsome Milk Monster :)

Upon opening my Filofax, I am greeted by the ever-so-charming Milk Monster. Isn't he adorable? I put this little collage together many planners ago because I wanted to see something bright and cheerful when I began planning my days. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my sons smiling face.

Since switching over to a Filofax, I've been trying to familiarize myself with all of the inserts. For the longest time, I couldn't decide on which diary format I wanted to use. I originally started with a Week On Two Pages (because it's what I'm used to and because it's what my Filofax came with). But, I also liked the idea of the Week Per Page set up and the Week Per Page + Notes and decided to try them both. I am now back to the Week On Two Pages.

Weekly section with Week On Two Pages + flyleaf "dashboard" (for random notes/stickies).

Like every one else, I tried making my own dividers. I may have forgotten that I'm a bit of a perfectionist and was frustrated that they weren't coming out as nice as I wanted them to be. So, I decided to go with these dividers I found at a local Japanese shop. They are made of a thin plastic material which I prefer over the paper ones. They're simple and clean looking, easy to set up, and (hopefully) long lasting. I like them so much that I purchased several of them just in case.

My sections are as follows: Monthly, Weekly, Get Done (To-do's), Reference (for important information/lists), Blogs (for ideas and drafts), and Notes (where note paper and other miscellany are filed).

Love these dividers! Wish they came in other colors.

Unlike the colorful Franklin Covey inserts that I'm used to, Filofax inserts are quite, well, boring. But, this means I get to use all sorts of fun stickers and pretty washi tape (washi tape!) to customize my planner as I please. FUN! However, this also means I'm going broke from buying said fun stickers and pretty washi tape. Not so fun.

I keep all of my plastic inserts (zip pocket, card holder, etc.) at the very back. Like I said, I haven't found use for all of Ms. Holborn's pockets yet. The back, inner full-length pocket, outer full-length pocket, and hidden zipper pocket are all empty at the moment. She's not quite fully stuffed yet (I like me a fatty-fat planner!), but that just means there's room for growth.

Empty pockets = room for growth.

Right now, I'm using 3 different writing utensils--a 2mm mechanical pencil which fits perfectly in the Leuchtturm1917 pen loop I've adhered to one of my Day-Timer plastic pocket dividers, a Bic four-in-one, and a Pilot G-2 07 gel pen. I'm no pen expert, and really could care less what I use to write but, I wouldn't mind upgrading to a good multi-pen someday just to avoid the need for these extra pen loops. This, or a magical pen that promises to turn my ugly chicken scratch into penmanship perfection. Whichever comes first. For now, the Leuchtturm will have to do. I also found another nifty little pen loop online which I'll have to share next time.

And, there you have it, folks! As a planner obsessed individual, these "set up" blogs/videos/photos have always been helpful and entertaining for me so, I hope this has been both helpful/entertaining for you. Again, if you're interested, you can see more of my set up here. Until next time, toodles!

First Impressions: Personal Holborn in Wine

09 November 2012

It's here, it's here, it's HERE! My personal Holborn in Wine arrived this week. My face was all aglow upon seeing my husband bring in the mail, with a small, white package tucked under his arm. It took everything in me to refrain from snatching it out of his hands like a mad woman. Thanks, Pens and Leather, for the speedy delivery! I made sure to take my time and savor the moment, rather than tear open the package like I really wanted to. In a matter of seconds, I was down to the final layer of packaging and I could already see the infamous black Filofax box peeking out. Never has a box ever made me so happy!

The notorious "black box" :)

But, it's not the box that I was interested in (although, it is a lovely box). No. It was what was inside it that I had been so patiently waiting for for what seems like years. I was so excited. I hastily slipped off the lid, gently unfolded the tissue paper, and there she was--the lovely Ms. Holborn. I tried my best to capture her true color--which is a really rich shade of red--but, my photos don't do her justice.

So lovely!

My first impressions? She's so PRETTY! I just love the color. Just like wine, it is a deep red with more purple tones as opposed to, say, orange. I'm no color expert though. Just sayin'. The Buffalo leather is soft and much smoother than the Malden which, I noticed, feels grainier (I had to do a side-by-side touch and feel test for this). This is probably due to the fact that the Malden wears all her leather's natural imperfections proudly, whereas the finish of the Holborn appears more polished and lustrous. Grainy still, but just a tad. And, oh the smell! The lovely, new leather smell. Simply yummy. Anyway, what I love the most about this Filofax is the amount of storage it has. I'm more excited about all the things I could stuff into this planner than anything else. The possibilities!

Front pockets.

Pockets, pockets everywhere! Plus, thumbs up to whoever thought of the hidden zip compartment in the very back (which, I've forgotten to take a photo of) and adding an elastic pen loop. Still doesn't make quite a difference as far as being able to fit in a bigger writing utensil in there though. But, good enough. Almost, Filofax, almost.

Back pockets.

I haven't quite moved my things out yet from the Malden where they have been held captive while I waited for Ms. Holborns arrival. We had a brief fling, Malden and I. But, that was because I had no other planner to use and I couldn't just not have a planner, couldn't I? I haven't tested out my new friend yet so, I can't really say but, I have a feeling that I may just have found my One True Filofax. I love everything about this planner so far. I'll give her a go and see.

In Search of "The One": A Filofax ♥ Story

02 November 2012

I've always had a thing for planners/organizers and have experimented with many different brands. For years now, I have been using the Franklin Covey planning system. They have lovely binders, and inserts. Recently though, I've decided to switch over to a Filofax. You know, to try something new.

I am, and have always been, a one planner girl. Like my bags, I might switch it up a bit by color, style, or brand. But, I don't find the need to have a planner for every facet of my life. That just seems too much to handle to me. I find it much more convenient to have everything in one place. So, since finding out about this wonderful world of the Filofax, I have been on the lookout for The One True Filofax. The one planner to trump all planners.

Finding the right planner is like shopping for shoes. You might have to try on several pairs in order to find the perfect pair that fits. In the past several months, I have been through a total of four different Filofax planners already (not too bad, right? Right?). All seemed very promising and lovely in their own way but neither were perfect enough to be The One True Filofax.

Now, I know this concept of "the one" is different for everyone, depending on the organizational needs and personal preference of each individual. So, I'll tell you what my perfect Filofax would be like. Keep in mind that I'm fairly new to this stuff and so my Filofax knowledge might be limited. This is what I found out works best for me so far:

  • She would definitely be a personal sized Filofax. The Pocket and Mini Filos, though adorable, are way too small to meet my needs and the A5, though tempting (I've considered it many, many times), is just way too big.
  • The bigger the rings, the better. Therefore, the Slim and Compact models are simply out of the question.
  • She doesn't necessarily have to be made of real leather but, I do prefer the more softer planners. I think this helps with it being able to lay flat during use which is also a must.
  • I also look at inside features such as the number of pockets, pen loops, etc. Will the planner be able to hold everything I need it to?
  • "Prettiness", although not on top of the list, is also important. I figure a Filofax that's pleasing to the eye gets used more. I love me some color when it comes to my planners.

The very first Filofax I purchased was a Malden in Ochre. She was oh-so soft right out of the box. Just lovely. I couldn't stop touching her. But, after a month or so, I got bored and found myself ogling other planners on YouTube and on other blogs. I wanted something more vibrant. Something that screamed, "Look at me! Open me! USE me! You know you want to!" The Malden was, well, brown and, although I have nothing against the color, I wanted something different. The break up was quick. Straight back into the box she went and into one of my desk drawers. Save for the occasional peek, I haven't touched her since.

My next Filofax affair was with a bold Metropol in Kingfisher Blue. She was a lovely, deep aqua shade of blue. Definitely an eye-catcher. She had a fun little mesh pocket in the back and, not one, but TWO pen loops. However, she was not made of real leather and, although I was aware of this when I purchased her, I didn't realize at the time how much I would miss the leathery softness of the Malden. I especially missed how the leather of my Malden conformed itself around all the papers I stuffed into her whereas the Metropol did not. I had to let her go. Fortunately, I found a wonderful new home for her and made one 10-year-old quite happy. I may have also converted said 10-year-old into a planner lover. At least, I like to think so. You gotta start them off early, right?

My next Filofax was a red Finsbury. She was sassy and all F-U-N. I loved looking at her, sitting atop my desk in all her ruby red glory. I enjoyed planning my days with her and loved buying stuff to make her pretty or, rather, prettier. Her leather was definitely softer than the Metropol but not as soft as the Malden. I really thought she was the one until her clasp broke on me. Perhaps not her fault as I was the one who stuffed her, the poor thing. But, there I was, left with no planner.

Enter the Aston in Orchid, a beautiful purple-y-pinkish color with pretty contrast stitching and (finally!) soft, supple, leather. She looked, felt, and smelled divine. Same set up as my Finsbury with the pockets and all. I remember how excited I was as I transferred all my stuff from the Finsbury to, what I thought at the time, would be my One True Filofax. BUT (there's that "but" again), I just wasn't crazy about the Aston. With all my stuff moved in, I sat there, looking at her and I felt...nothing. There just wasn't that initial spark between owner and planner (planner heads, you know what I'm talking about). That immediate click, it just wasn't there. I wanted it to be there but it just wasn't. The Aston was actually sent right back to Filofax the very next day where I'm sure she'll find another home. Sadly, we were just not meant to be.

By this time I was just about ready to give up. I thought then, should I just go back to the Malden? Was she The One True Filofax that I had been searching for this whole time but just didn't realize it? Should I give up on the Filofax brand altogether and go with another? But where? With Who? I was just about to call it quits until I ran into this video and several similar posts from other blogs.

The Holborn in Wine boasted of beautiful soft buffalo leather, inside and out (much like the Malden). And pockets, pockets galore! And that color! That rich, deep, red color. So it wasn't an "in your face" kind of red like my Finsbury. Nothing loud or vibrant about it but a pretty color nonetheless. I watched this particular video over and over again along with several "what's in my Filofax" videos featuring the Holborn, all of them praising the awesome-ness of this Filofax (all enablers, these people!). Right there and then, my mind was made. I. WANT. THIS. FILOFAX. So, off to Pens and I went (because this is where I was informed they sold it in this particular color), my fingers tap, tap, tapping away on the keyboard, searching for this planner. Pocket, no. Compact, no. A5, Zipped, the Folder...ah-ha! In a matter of seconds, there she was, the Personal sized Holborn in Wine on my computer screen, smiling at me (yes, Filofaxes smile!). Perhaps, she's the one I've been looking for, I thought. The One True Filofax, perfect for me in every way. Or maybe she won't be. Maybe she'll disappoint me like all the others and I'll be back to square one or, worse, be done with Filofax altogether. Well, there was only one way to find out. With a click of my mouse, into the virtual shopping cart she went. I didn't want to miss out on this opportunity. Plus, hello, impulse shopper here! Besides, she was on sale. Surely that's a good sign. At 20% off the retail price plus an extra 10% off using a discount code, perhaps the Holborn and I were meant to be. Here's hoping!

Anyway, I have yet to find out as she has not yet arrived. The Holborn is making her way to me as we speak. I got the shipping confirmation from Pens and Leather this afternoon. I am all geeky excited! I guess we'll soon find out.

The New Girl in Town

19 October 2012

Yup, that would be me. Well, the new girl to Blogger per se (never had a dot-blogspot-dot-com before). But, definitely not a newbie to the blogging community.

Somehow, I felt it necessary to do the whole obligatory first post/intro thing (is there even such a thing as an obligatory first post/intro thing?). I suppose, it doesn't matter because there's really no need for a lengthy introductory is there? I mean, that's what the "About Me" page is for and all the informative stuff I've put on there. Plus, if you've got any questions, you can always ask me.

So, with that said, I'll just keep this intro post short and sweet.

Hi! :)