A Week With Ms. Holborn

16 November 2012

It's Friday here, yet again. I hope everyone had a splendid week!

I've finally moved into my new personal Holborn and I have to say, I am loving everything about her. She has this sophisticated beauty that no planner I've ever owned can match. I smile every time I open her up and see that all my things--cards, stubs, random papers--all have a proper place of their own inside of all of the little compartments. There are so many pockets that I haven't even used all of them!

Anyway, I was going to do a post loaded with photos on my current set-up but, instead, I've decided to just do a summarize of what's inside. However, you could still see plenty of Ms. Holborn on my Flickr page, as well as a more detailed description as to how I've put everything together.

My handsome Milk Monster :)

Upon opening my Filofax, I am greeted by the ever-so-charming Milk Monster. Isn't he adorable? I put this little collage together many planners ago because I wanted to see something bright and cheerful when I began planning my days. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my sons smiling face.

Since switching over to a Filofax, I've been trying to familiarize myself with all of the inserts. For the longest time, I couldn't decide on which diary format I wanted to use. I originally started with a Week On Two Pages (because it's what I'm used to and because it's what my Filofax came with). But, I also liked the idea of the Week Per Page set up and the Week Per Page + Notes and decided to try them both. I am now back to the Week On Two Pages.

Weekly section with Week On Two Pages + flyleaf "dashboard" (for random notes/stickies).

Like every one else, I tried making my own dividers. I may have forgotten that I'm a bit of a perfectionist and was frustrated that they weren't coming out as nice as I wanted them to be. So, I decided to go with these dividers I found at a local Japanese shop. They are made of a thin plastic material which I prefer over the paper ones. They're simple and clean looking, easy to set up, and (hopefully) long lasting. I like them so much that I purchased several of them just in case.

My sections are as follows: Monthly, Weekly, Get Done (To-do's), Reference (for important information/lists), Blogs (for ideas and drafts), and Notes (where note paper and other miscellany are filed).

Love these dividers! Wish they came in other colors.

Unlike the colorful Franklin Covey inserts that I'm used to, Filofax inserts are quite, well, boring. But, this means I get to use all sorts of fun stickers and pretty washi tape (washi tape!) to customize my planner as I please. FUN! However, this also means I'm going broke from buying said fun stickers and pretty washi tape. Not so fun.

I keep all of my plastic inserts (zip pocket, card holder, etc.) at the very back. Like I said, I haven't found use for all of Ms. Holborn's pockets yet. The back, inner full-length pocket, outer full-length pocket, and hidden zipper pocket are all empty at the moment. She's not quite fully stuffed yet (I like me a fatty-fat planner!), but that just means there's room for growth.

Empty pockets = room for growth.

Right now, I'm using 3 different writing utensils--a 2mm mechanical pencil which fits perfectly in the Leuchtturm1917 pen loop I've adhered to one of my Day-Timer plastic pocket dividers, a Bic four-in-one, and a Pilot G-2 07 gel pen. I'm no pen expert, and really could care less what I use to write but, I wouldn't mind upgrading to a good multi-pen someday just to avoid the need for these extra pen loops. This, or a magical pen that promises to turn my ugly chicken scratch into penmanship perfection. Whichever comes first. For now, the Leuchtturm will have to do. I also found another nifty little pen loop online which I'll have to share next time.

And, there you have it, folks! As a planner obsessed individual, these "set up" blogs/videos/photos have always been helpful and entertaining for me so, I hope this has been both helpful/entertaining for you. Again, if you're interested, you can see more of my set up here. Until next time, toodles!


  1. I spy Hello Kitty! I love that Hello kitty paper clip @ the beginning! Where did you get it? Also, did you order the Leuchtturm1917 pen loop online? And I like those plastic dividers too! Very neat!

    1. Thank you! The HK paper clips I purchased at a store in a local Military Base. I was surprised at the large amount of Hello Kitty/Sanrio stuff they had! As for the Leuchtturm1917 pen loop, you can buy that online. I've seen them on eBay, Amazon, etc. But, if you have a Container Store (Heaven for organizers such as myself :D) in your area, you can get them there for WAY cheaper. The Container Store also has a website if you don't have one near you.

  2. Hi, so you also got the leuchtturm pen loop. Aren't they great! Good luck with mrs Holborn.. Lovely binder!

  3. So the blue dividers you found at a Japanese shop? or did you make them and label with a label maker?

    1. I bought them at a Japanese market and used my label maker to label them. They came with pre-made labels but I didn't like them.


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