First Impressions: Personal Holborn in Wine

09 November 2012

It's here, it's here, it's HERE! My personal Holborn in Wine arrived this week. My face was all aglow upon seeing my husband bring in the mail, with a small, white package tucked under his arm. It took everything in me to refrain from snatching it out of his hands like a mad woman. Thanks, Pens and Leather, for the speedy delivery! I made sure to take my time and savor the moment, rather than tear open the package like I really wanted to. In a matter of seconds, I was down to the final layer of packaging and I could already see the infamous black Filofax box peeking out. Never has a box ever made me so happy!

The notorious "black box" :)

But, it's not the box that I was interested in (although, it is a lovely box). No. It was what was inside it that I had been so patiently waiting for for what seems like years. I was so excited. I hastily slipped off the lid, gently unfolded the tissue paper, and there she was--the lovely Ms. Holborn. I tried my best to capture her true color--which is a really rich shade of red--but, my photos don't do her justice.

So lovely!

My first impressions? She's so PRETTY! I just love the color. Just like wine, it is a deep red with more purple tones as opposed to, say, orange. I'm no color expert though. Just sayin'. The Buffalo leather is soft and much smoother than the Malden which, I noticed, feels grainier (I had to do a side-by-side touch and feel test for this). This is probably due to the fact that the Malden wears all her leather's natural imperfections proudly, whereas the finish of the Holborn appears more polished and lustrous. Grainy still, but just a tad. And, oh the smell! The lovely, new leather smell. Simply yummy. Anyway, what I love the most about this Filofax is the amount of storage it has. I'm more excited about all the things I could stuff into this planner than anything else. The possibilities!

Front pockets.

Pockets, pockets everywhere! Plus, thumbs up to whoever thought of the hidden zip compartment in the very back (which, I've forgotten to take a photo of) and adding an elastic pen loop. Still doesn't make quite a difference as far as being able to fit in a bigger writing utensil in there though. But, good enough. Almost, Filofax, almost.

Back pockets.

I haven't quite moved my things out yet from the Malden where they have been held captive while I waited for Ms. Holborns arrival. We had a brief fling, Malden and I. But, that was because I had no other planner to use and I couldn't just not have a planner, couldn't I? I haven't tested out my new friend yet so, I can't really say but, I have a feeling that I may just have found my One True Filofax. I love everything about this planner so far. I'll give her a go and see.


  1. Love her - and I'm sure you'll love her too!!
    I have the exact same one and even if I sometimes move into another Filo, I keep coming back to my Ms Holborn - for me, she definitely is 'my' Filofax (for now..) <3
    So enjoy yours, Filo twin! :)

  2. Thanks! She is lovely and growing on me more each day. :)

  3. Beautiful! There are no stores for me to see any of them so I live for posts like this :)


    1. Thank you! I'm nowhere near any stores either so I too have to rely on others feedback/photos.

  4. Just like you, Carla--I also just received my package today, from Pens and Leather.
    And as you, I was excited when my husband brought in our mail--and I saw the black box containing the Holborn in Wine. I had previously bought the zipped one, but this one is far more elegant.

    Lovely and soft--I couldn't have been more pleased with the contents of that black box.
    But as others I am pretty sure that I should go through my collection and "thin my herd". Simply stated, I just own far too many organizers for even 5 people's lifetimes.
    But how do I know which to sell?
    Thanks Carla for this awesome post!

    1. And thank you for reading! Wow, "5 people's lifetimes" huh? And here I thought I had too many planners! Then again, is there such a thing as too many planners? I would love to see your collection. :)

  5. Hi Carla!
    I received my Holborn personal in brown last week and love it! I have the pocket HOlborn to match too, plus I just ordered a pink Domino A5.. lol
    I noticed your blog is fairly new and I am following it through RSS. I can't wait to see your layouts! I'm addicted to seeing others setups!! lol


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