In Search of "The One": A Filofax ♥ Story

02 November 2012

I've always had a thing for planners/organizers and have experimented with many different brands. For years now, I have been using the Franklin Covey planning system. They have lovely binders, and inserts. Recently though, I've decided to switch over to a Filofax. You know, to try something new.

I am, and have always been, a one planner girl. Like my bags, I might switch it up a bit by color, style, or brand. But, I don't find the need to have a planner for every facet of my life. That just seems too much to handle to me. I find it much more convenient to have everything in one place. So, since finding out about this wonderful world of the Filofax, I have been on the lookout for The One True Filofax. The one planner to trump all planners.

Finding the right planner is like shopping for shoes. You might have to try on several pairs in order to find the perfect pair that fits. In the past several months, I have been through a total of four different Filofax planners already (not too bad, right? Right?). All seemed very promising and lovely in their own way but neither were perfect enough to be The One True Filofax.

Now, I know this concept of "the one" is different for everyone, depending on the organizational needs and personal preference of each individual. So, I'll tell you what my perfect Filofax would be like. Keep in mind that I'm fairly new to this stuff and so my Filofax knowledge might be limited. This is what I found out works best for me so far:

  • She would definitely be a personal sized Filofax. The Pocket and Mini Filos, though adorable, are way too small to meet my needs and the A5, though tempting (I've considered it many, many times), is just way too big.
  • The bigger the rings, the better. Therefore, the Slim and Compact models are simply out of the question.
  • She doesn't necessarily have to be made of real leather but, I do prefer the more softer planners. I think this helps with it being able to lay flat during use which is also a must.
  • I also look at inside features such as the number of pockets, pen loops, etc. Will the planner be able to hold everything I need it to?
  • "Prettiness", although not on top of the list, is also important. I figure a Filofax that's pleasing to the eye gets used more. I love me some color when it comes to my planners.

The very first Filofax I purchased was a Malden in Ochre. She was oh-so soft right out of the box. Just lovely. I couldn't stop touching her. But, after a month or so, I got bored and found myself ogling other planners on YouTube and on other blogs. I wanted something more vibrant. Something that screamed, "Look at me! Open me! USE me! You know you want to!" The Malden was, well, brown and, although I have nothing against the color, I wanted something different. The break up was quick. Straight back into the box she went and into one of my desk drawers. Save for the occasional peek, I haven't touched her since.

My next Filofax affair was with a bold Metropol in Kingfisher Blue. She was a lovely, deep aqua shade of blue. Definitely an eye-catcher. She had a fun little mesh pocket in the back and, not one, but TWO pen loops. However, she was not made of real leather and, although I was aware of this when I purchased her, I didn't realize at the time how much I would miss the leathery softness of the Malden. I especially missed how the leather of my Malden conformed itself around all the papers I stuffed into her whereas the Metropol did not. I had to let her go. Fortunately, I found a wonderful new home for her and made one 10-year-old quite happy. I may have also converted said 10-year-old into a planner lover. At least, I like to think so. You gotta start them off early, right?

My next Filofax was a red Finsbury. She was sassy and all F-U-N. I loved looking at her, sitting atop my desk in all her ruby red glory. I enjoyed planning my days with her and loved buying stuff to make her pretty or, rather, prettier. Her leather was definitely softer than the Metropol but not as soft as the Malden. I really thought she was the one until her clasp broke on me. Perhaps not her fault as I was the one who stuffed her, the poor thing. But, there I was, left with no planner.

Enter the Aston in Orchid, a beautiful purple-y-pinkish color with pretty contrast stitching and (finally!) soft, supple, leather. She looked, felt, and smelled divine. Same set up as my Finsbury with the pockets and all. I remember how excited I was as I transferred all my stuff from the Finsbury to, what I thought at the time, would be my One True Filofax. BUT (there's that "but" again), I just wasn't crazy about the Aston. With all my stuff moved in, I sat there, looking at her and I felt...nothing. There just wasn't that initial spark between owner and planner (planner heads, you know what I'm talking about). That immediate click, it just wasn't there. I wanted it to be there but it just wasn't. The Aston was actually sent right back to Filofax the very next day where I'm sure she'll find another home. Sadly, we were just not meant to be.

By this time I was just about ready to give up. I thought then, should I just go back to the Malden? Was she The One True Filofax that I had been searching for this whole time but just didn't realize it? Should I give up on the Filofax brand altogether and go with another? But where? With Who? I was just about to call it quits until I ran into this video and several similar posts from other blogs.

The Holborn in Wine boasted of beautiful soft buffalo leather, inside and out (much like the Malden). And pockets, pockets galore! And that color! That rich, deep, red color. So it wasn't an "in your face" kind of red like my Finsbury. Nothing loud or vibrant about it but a pretty color nonetheless. I watched this particular video over and over again along with several "what's in my Filofax" videos featuring the Holborn, all of them praising the awesome-ness of this Filofax (all enablers, these people!). Right there and then, my mind was made. I. WANT. THIS. FILOFAX. So, off to Pens and I went (because this is where I was informed they sold it in this particular color), my fingers tap, tap, tapping away on the keyboard, searching for this planner. Pocket, no. Compact, no. A5, Zipped, the Folder...ah-ha! In a matter of seconds, there she was, the Personal sized Holborn in Wine on my computer screen, smiling at me (yes, Filofaxes smile!). Perhaps, she's the one I've been looking for, I thought. The One True Filofax, perfect for me in every way. Or maybe she won't be. Maybe she'll disappoint me like all the others and I'll be back to square one or, worse, be done with Filofax altogether. Well, there was only one way to find out. With a click of my mouse, into the virtual shopping cart she went. I didn't want to miss out on this opportunity. Plus, hello, impulse shopper here! Besides, she was on sale. Surely that's a good sign. At 20% off the retail price plus an extra 10% off using a discount code, perhaps the Holborn and I were meant to be. Here's hoping!

Anyway, I have yet to find out as she has not yet arrived. The Holborn is making her way to me as we speak. I got the shipping confirmation from Pens and Leather this afternoon. I am all geeky excited! I guess we'll soon find out.


  1. Hi Car,
    I'm so glad about Steve to link to your lovely blog on Philofaxy today!
    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about searching the ONE AND ONLY FILOFAX with us here! This is a great post!! (The one about receiving Ms. Holborn as well, which I've also read with great interest!)
    I'm looking forward to your next post... perhaps showing the up-set of Ms. Holborn?
    I'm missing an option to join your blog... or I just haven't found something like this...?
    Best wishes, Maus from.

    1. Hi and thanks you for reading! I've definitely got many more posts to come. And, yes, I will definitely do an update on how Ms. Holborn and I have been doing. As for following my blog, you can either follow by e-mail or through the recently added "Subscribe To". I'm fairly new to Blogger and still trying to figure my way around so, please, bear with me. :)

  2. I have been through a similar journey, though (shush don't tell everyoone) I tried to use a non filofax planner. I was so fired up (and poor by the time I had tried a whole lot out) but they all turned out to be one night stands. Several have found uses for other things (I am a multi planner girl) but my One, The One, is an an Osterley in Plum. We are still in the honeymoon period but I have a good feeling about this one:)

    1. Mmmm, the Osterley. She is gorgeous. Too gorgeous, in fact. She sorta intimidates me. ;) Oh, and your "secret" is safe with me. I, for one, don't discriminate when it comes to planners. I love them all! In fact, I may or may not have a lovely emerald green FC binder coming to me soon.

  3. Good luck with the Holborn. I love the Holborn! I was using that one until I found my "one true FF" but refuse to get rid of my Holborn because it is a fantastic binder!


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