The Boston Binder by Franklin Covey

30 November 2012

Now, before anyone bombards me with any questions, please, let me explain myself...

It's not what you think. I am not cheating on my Filofax. You see, a friend of mine recently purchased this compact sized, Boston Binder from Franklin Covey as a late birthday present for herself but, upon receiving it, decided it didn't meet her expectations. Rather than go through the ordeal of returning it, she figured she'd hold onto it in hopes of finding some use for it.

Unless, you want to, you know, give her a go?, she asks me over the phone one day. And, if you end up liking her, I can sell her to you for cheap. I know how much you like planners. Hmm, tempting. I sometimes hate that she knows me so well!

I thought, well, my friend needs my help. What kind of friend would I be if I turned her down? And haven't I always wanted a green planner? Besides, it's not like I've committed to buying the planner from her (yet). I was merely "giving her a go".

Anyway, after much deliberation, I soon had the Boston binder in my hands. Want to know my initial thought? "Eh, she's...A'IGHT."

This is a compact sized binder which would be equivalent to Filofax's personal size. However, FC binders run much wider than the Filofax as shown in the photo below. Much too wide for my liking, actually. However, this might be a good "in-between" as far as planner sizes go for some people. Not too big, not too small.

Side-by-side with Ms. Holborn. I have failed yet again to capture the Boston's true color which is a shade darker than pictured.

You'd think that, during the months since I've switched over from Franklin Covey to a Filofax, the people at FC would do something different with their binders. But, no. Although pretty in its overall appearance, the Boston binder is just another typical FC planner to me. Nothing to really "ooh" and "aah" about (and, trust me, I've seen/used a lot of FC planners in my day).

The Bostons color is more of a hunter green as opposed to the Emerald shade depicted on the Franklin Covey website (and in my photos). The leather is pebbled but smooth to the touch. The buckle clasp detail on the snap closure is nice (and adjustable!) but, again, nothing new there, and it has no problem laying flat when opened. This binder boasts 1 1/8" rings and inside there are many pockets and slots. But, what I found most interesting, was the two (TWO!), large pen loops. So much so that I spent a good portion of my time with her, trying out different sized pens in each, in and out, in and out (get your mind out of the gutter, now!) and was amazed at how spacious the pen loops were. The lack of a decent sized pen loop is (*looks over shoulder*), I'm afraid to say this should I hurt anyone's feelings, (*whispering*) is probably the one thing the Holborn is missing. Question is, were these pen loops enough to win me over?

Front Interior

Back Interior

Well, after more planner petting, poking, and prodding, I came to two conclusions: 1.) there really isn't much that I miss about the FC binders and 2.) I am very much still in love with my Filofax.

The Boston binder will be going back to my friend. If this is the binder for you, you should know that it also comes in FC's classic size (similar to Filofax's A5) and in the colors black, and teal. I, on the other hand, will continue planning my days with my beloved, Ms. Holborn and, perhaps, still keep an eye out for a green planner. Maybe Ms. Holborn won't mind a little Ménage à trois, yes?

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