Feeling Vintage-y

18 January 2013

Finally, the last two additions of the Filofax League. And, by "last two", I mean the last two of the binders I recently got off of eBay and not the last-last as in forever. The first two I blogged about here. Although, with 9 Filofaxes now in my possession, the thought of "no more Filofaxes" did cross my mind. But, I don't know if I'm quite ready to say that out loud yet (or ever, for that matter), let alone actually act on it. What? I'm addicted! There, I said it.

I've been on some sort of Vintage period in my Filofax obsession where I've been fixated over some of the older range of Filofaxes. Maybe I have the Piccadilly to thank (or blame?), or maybe it's because I pretty much have seen or already own most of the current Filofaxes out there that interest me. Well, except for the Baroque, of course. Oh, I could talk about that one for days! It's on top of my wish list. If anyone wants to make my day, by all means, go ahead.

On a Binder Binge

11 January 2013

It has definitely been a very good mail week! I mentioned very briefly in my last post how I won several binders on ebay. Without further ado, here are the first two (yes, there's more!)

Personal Finchley in Purple & Compact Franklin Covey Aurora (?) Binder.

I've always wanted a Finchley but because the one store that claims to carry a "vast range of Filofaxes" in my city was sadly lacking (the store clerks definition of vast meant a narrow stand containing a handful of Classics, Finsburys, and Dominos) I've had to succumb to watching YouTube videos, and looking at peoples lovely photos of theirs on blogs and on Flickr feeds. I really wanted either the teal or imperial purple Finchley so when I saw the latter on eBay, I went for it.

This lovely binder also caught my attention. It is a compact Franklin Covey full grain leather binder in a scrumptious caramel tan. After reading this post and drooling over photos, I was very surprised and excited to see the very same one up for bid. What can I say? For many years, FC has always been there to help keep me on top of my game. Despite my current Filofax fixation, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the FC brand.

Love the magnetic clasp. I prefer this over the chunky buckled clasps some FC binders have. 

Now, I won't even bother going into full review mode on either binder as there are plenty of photos, videos, and reviews out there already if you're interested. But, I will leave you with a few more pictures. Enjoy.

Can I get a "whoo-hoo!" for TWO pen loops? :)

Big, beautiful, golden rings. 

Speaking of pictures, the Filofax Photo-a-day Challenge has been quite a success and I enjoy seeing everyone's lovely snapshots of their Filos on the web. Keep'em comin', everyone. Keep'em comin'!

The League of Super Filos

04 January 2013

While rifling through our desk drawers, its contents including several boxed Filofaxes (all currently on a mini vacay until the next rotation), my husband asked me the craziest question ever: Why do you have so many of these things?

I immediately thought, what is this jibberish coming out of his mouth? It was the most absurd question I had ever heard of because, well, is there such a thing as having too many Filofaxes? That's like me saying "I have way too many bags" or "I own too many pairs of shoes". It's nonsense! I must have had a blank look on my face for a second there because my husband was staring at me with a worried look on his face. As if I had no clue what he was talking about, he gestures over to the black boxes neatly stacked in the drawer. I quickly think of what I could say to make him, Mr. Why-Write-Things-Down-Isn't-That-What-Your-iPhone's-For?, understand.

You see, babe, these THINGS are called planners. Filofaxes, to be exact, and, yes, I do have a lot of them. Although they are all the same planner in your eyes, they each are very unique in their own way and each one has special powers. Take the Holborn, for example, with its many pockets for carrying those extra tid bits of information while you're on the go. Or the Malden, the trusted leader of the pack, with its soft, malleable leather that seems forever expanding to allow more lists, and more notes. These and the others make up a league of super organizational tools. Kinda like the Fantastic Four or The Avengers that you're so fond of (there are many members, some of which are unknown and have yet to assemble!). An alliance of sorts, these Filofaxes are here to save the helpless and unorganized citizens of the world. Like moms/wives who have to hold down careers, clean house, care for children, keep track of finances, organize projects, schedule appointments, and remember birthdays and special occasions. And, that's why I have so many of these "things". Some people have Filofax collections, others have Filofax families. I have a League of Super Filos.

Of course, I didn't say this because my dear husband would probably think OH. MY. GOODNESS. My wife has gone MAD. Besides, no amount of explaining or justification would make him understand. So, I kept it simple: "Because I like them, babe. Because I. Like. Them."

And on with our day we went. Thank goodness for the hundreds of others out there (like you, my lovely reader!) who do understand. :)

Happy New Year!

01 January 2013

I've started my morning in 2013 in the most perfect way--waking up to my two favorite boys (the husband and my little Milk Monster), and getting the day started with a bit of day prepping/planning with tea and my Filofax. Have you heard? Today is the start of the Filofax Photo-A-Day Challenge. If you're interested, don't forget to upload your photo. Anywhere's fine, but here's a good place to start. :)

Hope everyone has a splendid New Year. Here's to more happiness, success, love, blogging, adventures, discoveries, Filofax, and blessings in 2013!