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18 January 2013

Finally, the last two additions of the Filofax League. And, by "last two", I mean the last two of the binders I recently got off of eBay and not the last-last as in forever. The first two I blogged about here. Although, with 9 Filofaxes now in my possession, the thought of "no more Filofaxes" did cross my mind. But, I don't know if I'm quite ready to say that out loud yet (or ever, for that matter), let alone actually act on it. What? I'm addicted! There, I said it.

I've been on some sort of Vintage period in my Filofax obsession where I've been fixated over some of the older range of Filofaxes. Maybe I have the Piccadilly to thank (or blame?), or maybe it's because I pretty much have seen or already own most of the current Filofaxes out there that interest me. Well, except for the Baroque, of course. Oh, I could talk about that one for days! It's on top of my wish list. If anyone wants to make my day, by all means, go ahead.

Anyway, I saw these two on eBay and took the plunge. I was definitely taking a risk as I knew nothing about either of them. There were no videos to watch over and over again. Just a handful of photos to refer to and dissect (and this included the ones on the listings!) and maybe one or two blogs at most. Still, something about their features, the promise of real, genuine leather, and their overall vintage charm appealed to me.

I first saw the Hamilton here and was completely smitten with how much it could hold. I love a good stuffed Filofax. My dreams, goals, aspirations, daily records, plans--in a sense, my entire life--all packed into one little binder.

This Filofax is all leather, all the time. None of the jazz and extra frills. Just hide, stitching, and hardware. The stiffness of the leather is something I have to get used to as I'm more familiar with the floppiness of most of my binders. Its stiffness reminds me somewhat of the Osterley, only the leather of the Hamilton is much more thick.

I love the horizontal card slots, the little ID window, two pen loops, and the extra full-length slip pocket on the very back of the Filofax. So many compartments which makes a Filofax a winner in my book. Plus, the League needed a good, solid, black planner. Practical and professional. It is the only black planner I own and, because of the masculine vibe I get from it, it is also the first (but not only) male to join the league. :)

Like the Hamilton, the York is somewhat mannish, too. While the Hamilton is rugged, and all beef and brawn, the York is more polished, and suave. It is the male version of the Piccadilly only the York's calf leather is smoother to the touch. Either way, I think the two would make beautiful Filofax babies. Like the Piccadilly, it's got the same horizontal card slots on the left with a full-length pocket behind them, and a zipped compartment on the right side. The only difference is the addition of an extra, outside facing, slip pocket. And, can I get a "yay!" for two pen loops? And why can't this be a standard on all Filofaxes? Is that too hard to do? Would that be asking for too much? Did someone somewhere along the road say, "you know what? Who needs two pen loops? Let's just give'em one and call it a day." I just. Don't. Get it.

Anyway, I am quite pleased with the two new men in my life and they appear to be fitting in quite nicely with the rest of the group. As they should considering they're surrounded by a bunch of lady Filo's. If anyone happens to have any information about either of these two, please, do share. I would love to hear from you. With the League growing, I'm due for another rotation. Ms. Malden will be needing a break soon and the others are itching to get out of their storage boxes. The question is, which Filofax do I use next? Oh, decisions!


  1. Wow! These binders are in great shape! Congrats on your purchases!

  2. I really love the older Filofax and actually spent a good amount of time searching for a Hamilton at one point. My Winchester is just divine, a sort of personal organiser design triumph. I personally found that once I had experienced the pre-2000 filofax (and the pre-1991 in particular) none of the new models really "do" it for me anymore. The feel too fat and floppy and cheap.

    1. I agree. There's definitely something special and much more appealing about the older ranges. Quality, style, the overall feel of the binders. I'm always on the lookout for older models and discovering ranges I haven't even heard of before. Wish there was a list of all the Filofaxes ever made somewhere that I could refer to.

  3. That brown one is so so beautiful. I'm in love with how classic looking it is!

    Laughed out loud at your pen loop comment, whose idea was it to eliminate them? boo.

  4. I have a York mysef, similar to yours :) Its my only one and i love it, using it every day. Its a gorgeous binder, and its aging so well. I bought mine a year ago in new condition. I am not getting any more filofaxes, this is the nicest from my point of view. (maybe if a really old 1980 model comes along.... i maybe buy one more filofax:p ) Nice to see yours!

    1. Wow! Thanks. It is a lovely Filofax. I've been on a lookout for more of the older ones. There's so many out there that are so classy and genuinely beautiful.


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