Filofax Photo-a-Day Catch Up

01 February 2013

I know, it's awful. Me of all people. The one who started this whole challenge and I'm the one playing catch up. And a day after the challenge is over no less! *Hides face in pure utter shame* For the record though, I had very good reasons. For starters, that awful cold I had, and Milk Monsters cold as well. But, excuses aside. I hate to start something and not finish it. So, with that said, here are the photos from the days of the challenge I missed. Enjoy. ♥

Day 19: Week

Day 20 & 30: Out and About / Wire-bound

Day 21: Something New - My pocket purple Malden (more on this later)

Day 22: Vintage - Personal Green Piccadilly 

Day 23: Leather OR Non-Leather? - ANTIQUED leather to be precise :)

Day 24: Texture - More on this later as well

Day 25 & 26: Inside my Zip compartment - random bandages (cause ya never know...)

Day 27: Size Does Matter 

Day 28: Most Wanted

Day 29: Stuffed

Day 31: Take Note - Really,  to all of you, THANKS! :)


  1. I love the Owl clip. Where did you find it?

    1. Hi, Ashley! It's actually a magnetic bookmark I purchased from Barnes & Noble. It came in a pack of four different cute animals.


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