Movin' On Up

23 February 2013

Not to a deluxe apartment in the sky, unfortunately, but to an A5! And I'm loving everything about it! The bigger rings, the bigger pages, the bigger...well, everything! I'm not going to go into detail about my set-up because it's pretty much the same as it was in the personal Malden (see it here). I wanted to replicate the set-up as much as possible. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking now. But, I should warn you, there's lots of them!

The usual stickies, clear flyleaf over pretty scrapbooking paper  with affixed bejeweled letter "R" (first initial of both my husband & son).
Girl's gotta have a bit of bling in her Filo, right?

Nothing much going on here. I haven't really found much use for these pockets. YET. :)

The dividers I was using in my personal Malden (first introduced here) were these simple, light blue dividers made of real thin plastic that I purchased from a local Japanese market. I really liked them. They don't come in A5 size, unfortunately, and I couldn't find something similar. Instead, I had to settle for these dividers by Davinci that I found on the Rakuten website. I had a few of these in personal size already so I was happy that they made ones to fit the A5. They're not made of plastic but of real thick card stock which I guess is better than the papery thin ones that usually come with the Filofax. I was also able to find the A5 version of the top tabbed dividers (bottom tabbed if flipped upside down) that I use for my sub-sections. They are also by Davinci and can be found here. These, too, are made of very thin, transparent plastic. I love the clean and uniformed look these dividers give the overall binder.

Same sections: Notes/Misc., To Do, Agenda, Information, Finances, and Blog

Sub-sections: Projects, Lists, Milk Monster, My Stuff, Budgets, Savings, Ideas, and Drafts

One of the things I didn't like about the big move, was the thought of having to give up the paper quality of the cotton cream WO2P diary. I knew they weren't available in A5 format so I searched desperately for a decent alternative. Just when I was about to give up and settle with the godawful white WO2P from Filofax, I ran into this hack tutorial by super Steve from Philofaxy where he took apart an A5 Flex Week to View diary to use in an A5 Filofax. I figured it was worth a try and as soon as the Flex diary inserts arrived, the experimentation began. It was an easy (though time-consuming) project but well worth the work. Not only do you get that extra writing space that the A5 size provides, but you also get the same layout and paper quality as the regular cotton cream diary. So, thanks, super Steve. Thank you very much indeed! :)

Nothing out of place. These inserts look as though they BELONG in an A5 Filofax.

The great thing about moving into a bigger Filofax is being able to find things at your local office supply store that fit perfectly into the pages. For instance, take these adhesive pockets by Post-It. I stuck one on the back of the divider of my Finance section for storing postage receipts from items that I've recently sold on eBay.

Immediately following my sections are the usual plastic inserts stuffed with random goodies. I've never liked using a notepad for the pocket in the back of the Malden. Instead, I've taken to stuffing it with random papers and things. In the case of the A5, bills/other mail that need to be taken care of before filing away, and a small plastic envelope that holds stickers and other decorative planning essentials that I can easily have access to when I need them.

Anyway, I'm happy with this arrangement. I've got it stuffed with everything I need yet there's still room for growth. I'm very glad I made the move over to an A5. Something I thought I would never do as I was quite content with the personal size Filofax. Or thought I was, at least, until life required more of me and, therefore, more planning. Never say "never", right?


  1. Carla, are you carrying this out with you everywhere you go? How are you managing with that? Not too big for everyday use or do you use a separate wallet?

    1. Hi, Jennifer! No, I use a personal size Filofax for on-the-go use or whenever I'm away from this big ol' thing. The A5 is quite heavy and it's not yet fully stuffed.

  2. Ohhhh, you too! I received my a5 in the mail yesterday, looking forward to 'moving into it'

  3. I' love my personal orange metropol. But my eyes are getting old & I just can't get use to the small size of everything. LOL got a used A5. Love it. I'll try dragging it around with me for a bit & see how that works. Love ur set up.

  4. That Flex diary hack is a marvellous idea! If I ever upsize to A5, I'll be following in your footsteps (and Steve's)!


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