A Beautiful Surprise

15 March 2013

I had seen many an Amazona on various blog posts and YouTube videos in the past and, at first, I thought they were definitely nothing to write home about. Until I saw this one in Almond--a color you don't get to see quite often. I purchased this off of a seller on eBay and completely forgot about it until a package with my name on it arrived yesterday. It wasn't until I opened said package and this beautiful Filofax sat inside, peeking out at me from under plastic and bubble wrap that I remembered (she didn't arrive in the infamous black box, unfortunately). It was love at first sight! Or rather love at first touch as I had never expected the Amazona to feel so nice.

I wasn't too fond of planners with animal print/textiles until I had received Olivia, the Osterley, from a good friend of mine. Even with that in mind, I still wasn't sure how I'd feel about the crocodile print of the Amazona. But, as soon as we touched, I couldn't help admire how its shiny, smooth leather felt in my hands. Unlike the Osterley, the crocodile print on the Amazona is more prominent and puffier in texture. It came with a few inserts, ones I'll most likely take out and toss into my ever growing stash. I swear I can fill a dozen Filofaxes with the extra inserts I've accumulated!

The Almond is a pretty, creamy, milk color and one I have never seen before in all the planners I've had. I also prefer the pocket layout of the Amazona over the Osterley's. Not that I'm comparing binders as both are lovely in their own right. This one's definitely a special one and I'm almost afraid to use her on a regular basis because she looks too pretty to scuff up and throw around. But, I'm happy to know she's now mine. Now if only the personal Baroque would magically appear into my hands, I would be one content lady.

Anyway, I have been taking a good long look at my League of Super Filos for a while now and I have decided (after days of deliberation) to let go of a few of them. *GASP* I know! I have a general idea of which ones I'd like to keep and which ones I'll be saying my goodbye's to, but I feel even this changes from day to day because I just can't bear to part with any of them. Each Filofax that manages to get onto the "sell" list, I've found a reason to keep. No, not the Finchley! It's PURPLE! But, sadly, the truth is a lot of them aren't being used and, quite frankly, I can't say if they'll ever be used. Because of this, I know finding good homes for them, where they'll be stuffed with all sorts of goodies, used on a regular basis, and loved, is the right thing to do. There will be more details on this venture once I finally set into stone which ones I can part with both physically and emotionally. In the mean time, wish me strength as I know I'll need it. Isn't it funny how attached we get to things? *sigh*


  1. Wow!!! what a great colour. Never saw an Amazona like this. As you, I also never thought about purchasing an Amazona as the Colours combined with the Kroko is too loud for me. I´m sure you know what I mean :)

    So thank you for this Post, and congratulations for that beauty.

    AAAAND!!!!! Filofax Italy is offering the Baroque again!!! Can you order from them? Otherwise I can do it for you!!! Be fast and mail me to elfenfisch1 AT gmail DOT com ;)

    1. Thanks. The Almond Amazona is definitely a stunner!

      Anyway, yes, I have been informed of the Baroques on the Italy Filofax. A friend has already purchased one for me. But, thank you, for your kind offer. :)


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