Learning to Let Go

20 April 2013

I have done what I thought was impossible. I have sold most of the Filofaxes in my collection. *dramatic GASP* Now, everyone, stay calm. I said "most" and not "all". I allowed myself to keep my favorites. The rest I have kissed goodbye and sent off to good homes where (I hope) they're being loved and taken well care of.

I've never really shared exactly how many Filofaxes I've had altogether. Let's just say there were many. The following list are of Filofaxes that have come and gone. I would have kept them all if I could but, most of them were sitting in their boxes, unused. And an unused Filofax is just, well, sad, I think.

  • Personal Malden in Ochre. My very first Filofax. Sadly, I sold this when I received the Crimson Malden because, at the time, I couldn't justify having both. It's unfortunate because it was one of the really good ones. You know those Maldens. There are no two alike.
  • Personal Finsbury in Red
  • Personal Metropol in Kingfisher Blue. Gorgeous color but I'm all leather all the way. Gave this one to a younger relative who absolutely adores it.
  • Personal Holborn in Wine
  • Personal Holborn in Black
  • Personal Aston in Orchid. Twice I had this Filofax in my possession. Hoped I'd fall in love with it the second time around but, sadly, that wasn't the case.
  • Personal Chameleon in Raspberry
  • Personal Chameleon in Black
  • Compact Chameleon in Raspberry. Purchased this when I had switched to the A5 and was looking for a more portable planner to carry with me. Didn't work out.
  • Personal Regency in Black. Loved the pocket configuration (similar to the Holborn) but wasn't crazy about its overall appearance.
  • Personal York in Tan
  • Personal Hamilton in Black
  • Personal Finchley in Imperial Purple
  • Pocket Baroque in Teal. I so wished the pocket size worked for me just because of this particular binder. But, it just wasn't meant to be...
  • Pocket Malden in Purple
  • A5 Finsbury in Raspberry
  • A5 Chameleon in Aqua. An impulse buy.
  • A5 Malden in Ochre. I'll explain in a bit...

And this is what's left of the League of Super Filos. Not too shabby for a collection, eh?

  • Personal Piccadilly in Green
  • Personal Finchley in Teal. Purchased this recently from a lovely seller on the Philofaxy Adspot. I thought I was done with the Finchley's altogether having just sold mine in Imperial Purple. I just couldn't resist. It's such a cheerful color and in excellent condition, too.
  • Personal Osterley in Grey
  • Personal Osterley in Plum
  • Personal Amazona in Almond
  • Personal Malden in Ochre
  • Personal Malden in Crimson
  • Personal Malden in Purple
I might part with both the Grey Osterley and the Amazona. I can't justify having two Osterley's (two Maldens, maybe. Three even. But, not two Osterley's :D), and the Amazona, well, it's a beautiful binder, but I'm not too crazy about it. The initial spark has somewhat faded away. I figured this reason alone is good enough a reason to part ways, yes? Hmmm, we'll see. I'm taking baby steps here, folks. Baby steps.

As for the whole A5 ordeal, if you recall, I had made the decision to upgrade to an A5 several months ago--an A5 Malden in Ochre to be exact. I was so stoked to make the move. To make a long story short, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get used to it. I loved and hated the size all at the same time. I went from using it as my main planner, to using it as a home binder along with my personal size Filofax, to finally throwing in the towel, packing it up and shipping it over to a lovely lady who promised she would give it the love and attention it deserved. Am I completely done with the A5? I can't really say. Who knows what'll happen next year. Heck, who knows what'll happen in the next coming months. But, in the meantime, I'll be doing my planning in a personal size Filofax as usual. I've just had to make a few minor tweaks to the set-up to make it work for me (lack of space was why I had decided on the move up in the first place). It's not perfect and there are days where I still long for more room (both ring wise and writing space). But, it'll do.

I'm currently using my newly acquired purple Malden which I stumbled upon at Warwick's, a stationery/book store located in beautiful La Jolla. Funny thing about this place, at one point, I thought their selection of Filofaxes was pretty sad and limited to a small stand in the middle of the store. Plenty of inserts to peruse but very few actual binders. Some Finsbury's, a handful of classics. Nothing to go crazy over. Until, on a recent visit, I happened to glance over at two glass shelves behind the counter that displayed even more binders! According to the sales clerk, the "nicer" Filofaxes were kept behind the counter, and the not so nice ones on the store floor. All those visits and I completely overlooked them! My jaw dropped when I spotted the Maldens. I couldn't believe it.

Anyway, I can't say there will be no more Filofaxes in the near future. Never that! I'm actually quite excited to see the leather ranges coming out this Summer. But, for now, I'm quite pleased with the ones I have and, except for the coveted Baroque (preferably in black *AHEM*), there aren't any out there that I'm currently pining for. How many Filofaxes are in your collection? I'm curious to see how many people actually own and use just the ONE Filofax or planner. If only there was such a thing as a personal size Malden with 30mm+ rings...


  1. Are you selling anymore Filofaxes?
    Let me know - please!

    1. I'm currently selling an A5 Holborn zip in the color wine on eBay if you're interested.

  2. Sarah here, loving the pocket baroque in teal! I don't go ANYWHERE without it!! I hope that you get your personal baroque in black eventually. I don't know if I'll ever move out of this planner! Thank you again!! =D

    1. Hi, Sarah! This is so good to hear. That Baroque of yours is gorgeous. So glad it's in good hands.

  3. That was, and still is, a beautiful collection!

  4. What a fantastical collection! I currently only have one but I'm looking forward to adding more!

    1. They're quite addicting, aren't they? If I had all the money in the world, I'd have a room full of them.

  5. That is a beautiful collection that you have left. The others were nice too, but if you´re downsizing your collection, those are awesome ones to be keeping :-)

  6. If you ever feel like parting from the teal Finchley, let me know! :) antonia@live.se

  7. I have been searching for a green Piccadilly forever! If you ever want t o sell, please let me know! Lisaanndyer@hotmail.com

  8. AWESOME COLLECTION HUN If you ever decide to give your teal Finchley a new home i'm your girl. Love your blog by the car, hope you had a good holiday and new year season. With Love Abby


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