Organize It: Sticky/Post-it Notes Storage

24 April 2013

I don't know if I've told you this, but I have a crazy obsession with sticky/post-it notes. I can never have enough of these genius things. They're not only useful for jotting down quick notes and reminders but now they come in so many different colors and cute styles that I can't resist popping one into my shopping cart whenever I see them in stores. They're like eye candy to me. Or crack candy, in this case...

Anyway, I've accumulated so many kinds of sticky/post-it notes over the years that I've actually banned myself from buying anymore until I've used up the ones I already have. Problem is, a lot of them get unused as I forget that they're there in the first place. Many of them are stashed in piles, deep inside desk drawers or hidden away in stacked containers somewhere. I do keep a stash in my Filofax for daily use and add more as needed. But, still, many are neglected and there is no way for me to keep track of what I already have. So, I decided to completely reorganize my stash of sticky notes in a way that would encourage me to actually use them on a more regular basis.

Unfortunately, we don't have an entire room in our home designated for an office. Instead, I have office space in our bedroom (translate: desk, chair, and computer) and space around here is already limited. This meant that adding a completely separate storage unit for this purpose was out of the question. Plus, I wanted to avoid spending any money so I needed to get creative and try to work with what I already had. I looked at several of the obvious options that I had available to me (empty shoe boxes, binders, containers) but neither of them fit the requirements I was looking for. I needed to keep my sticky notes somewhere where I could actually see them. Then I remembered I had one of those hanging jewelry organizers somewhere in my closet. I dug it out, began slotting sticky/post-it notes into all the little plastic pockets, et voilĂ , instant sticky/post-it notes organization!

The plastic pockets are the perfect size for stickies and because they're clear, I can easily see them all. The entire thing hangs neatly near my desk where I can get to it and is also readily transferable (like from room to room) if need be. No more piles of forgotten sticky notes taking valuable storage space in desk drawers.

These jewelry organizers come in different sizes and the number of pockets in each varies. I purchased mine at a local Container Store (heaven for all of us neat freaks). It has 80 pockets total, front and back. If you don't have a Container Store in your area, you can purchase the very same jewelry organizer online. These can also be found at major stores like Walmart and Target (for those living in the US, of course).

I absolutely love how it all turned out. I think it adds a bit of fun to the overall space, too. Almost like a piece of hanging artwork. These jewelry organizers would be great for storing other small office supplies, too. Like paper clips, and decorative tape. The possibilities are endless!


  1. What a great idea! Is it sad that I can totally see me having enough stationery to fill one of those but no where near enough jewellery to even fill half? I guess we know where all my spare money goes!

    1. LOL. I totally feel you on this! I can't remember the last time I bought a piece of jewelry. But I can tell you when I last bought a sticky note/stationery product!

  2. LOVE this idea. I too am a post-it/sticky note junky but have them stored every/anywhere. Thank you for posting this awesome idea!

    1. Thank YOU! Anything to help a fellow junkie. ;)


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