Filofax Purple Saffiano

31 May 2013

I couldn't help myself. With all those lovely photos and videos of the Saffiano on several of my news feeds, I just had to see what all the hype was about. It's purple, considerably priced (I've spent far more on other planners before), and shipping was free. All justifiable reasons for putting it into my virtual shopping cart and placing the order, right? Right?

It arrived in due time wrapped, as expected, in a book cover type plastic. No fancy black box this time. Simple, clean, and straight to the point. I really hope Filofax hasn't completely done away with the famous black boxes because I quite like them. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and the best part of the whole getting a Filofax experience is opening the box and seeing your brand new planner peeking out at you behind tissue paper. Like opening a present every time you go and take it out of its box.

Anyway, the color is a very vivid shade of purple. The Filofax website describes it as "Bright Purple" and it is definitely so. A very cheerful, pick-me-up kind of hue. I had a difficult time trying to capture its true color on my camera. The following two images probably best depict the shade of purple.

This Filofax is made of like leather material and, much like real Italian Saffiano leather, has a scratchy, cross grain effect all over. The interior is lined with polyester fabric. The set-up is simple. On the left there is a secretarial pocket with three card slots.

And on the right, a sleeve-like notepad pocket.

The lack of interior pockets/compartments in the Saffiano may not make this an ideal Filofax for those who like using their planner as a wallet. There aren't many options for storing those random loose notes, knick-knacks, and small treasures, either. I'm not one to use my planner as a wallet so I find the number of pockets acceptable. But, I also like having the option of extra compartments. I don't really use a notepad either, so the open pocket in the back is somewhat useless. There is only one pen loop (surprise, surprise) located on the left hand side of the planner. It is made of elastic material, and stretches out enough to accommodate my Frixion ball knock gel pen and Bic Multi-pen quite easily. My fattest pen, a Frixion multi-pen, would probably fit, but I didn't really try for fear of stretching out the pen loop too much.

My overall opinion? I'm not too keen on the non-leather binders, but if I had to choose among the "like leather" options that Filofax has to offer, I'd go with the Saffiano. It's a very practical binder. I like the simplicity of it and I love the color. Even the one in Teal looks fun, and I recently discovered that there's one in Raspberry, too. Had the Saffiano been my very first Filofax, I would be very happy with it. However, it will not be joining my collection. The crazy obsessed planner hoarding monster that lives in my head wants to keep it. It's so pretty, it says. But, I know I don't need another Filofax that I'm just not 100% crazy about. I'm afraid the Saffiano will be going back to Filofax this week. With the amount of unused planners I've sold in the past month or so, it's just the right thing to do. Take that, crazy obsessed planner hoarding monster! Ha!

Smart and sensible Carla: 1. Crazy obsessed planner hoarding monster: 0.


  1. I keep looking at the teal and the purple Saffiano Filofaxes, I've been seduced by all the photos and blog post too ;) I'm not sure if I would love it though if I had it in my hands as its not real leather. I just love the colours!

    1. It's really pretty and one I was THIS CLOSE to keeping myself. But, I made a big girl decision and decided to pass it up. I knew that, eventually, I might tire of it and it'd end up in storage like most of the others I held onto and eventually sold.

  2. Great review! We've had this and the Aqua one at work and I keep being drawn to them both but worry about wear and tear compared to the full leather ones.
    The purple is such a lovely colour though! :)

    Ally allyteepee

    1. It is a pretty color which is probably the ONLY real thing I liked about it. Not good enough a reason to keep it in my book though.

  3. What a great color! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is, isn't it? Thank YOU for stopping by! :)


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