Paperchase at Target

08 May 2013

Target has got to be, by far, one of my favorite one-stop-shops for all our household needs. I can shop for new bedsheets, an entire outfit, and ingredients for tonight's dinner, all in one place! I can never leave without a cart full of things I didn't have on my shopping list. What makes Target even more appealing is that they've recently teamed up with Paperchase, a UK based retailer of fine gifts and paper goods. For stationery addicts/impulse buyers such as myself, this means more unnecessary items in my shopping cart which makes me question if having Paperchase merchandise at my local Target is good news or bad. Or maybe both? Anyway, this cute pencil case was purchased on my recent shopping trip. Mind you, I was only there for hand sanitizer...

Sadly, you won't find a whole shopping aisle of Paperchase goodies at your local Target. Instead, you'll find a small display, usually at the end of an aisle. Regardless, when I first stumbled upon the cute merchandise set up under the ever familiar purple Paperchase logo, I'll admit I did a bit of a happy dance. I had only heard about and seen Paperchase merchandise online via their website or read about them on other peoples blog which boast their shopping trips and stationery hauls. Here in the United States, Paperchase goodies vary depending on which Target you visit. But, for the most part, you'll find a mix of things like notebooks, stickers, post-its, binders and a few other incredibly cute gifts. The designs also change from time to time, introducing new characters and themes.

Take, for example, these quirky cute owl stikers. Who-whooo could resist?

Or these pretty post-it notes?

Although I could head over to the Paperchase website, fill my virtual shopping cart with all sorts of goodies, and pay the hefty shipping fee to have it delivered to me, it's good to know I can get my stationery fix--however limited--locally. I hope they're here to stay.

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