July Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge

21 June 2013

Get your Filofaxes and planners camera ready, everyone, because it's that time again! Here is July's Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge.

This time around, I tried my best to make each days prompt not so brand specific. I've received a lot of messages from readers during the previous challenges, all mentioning how fun it all looked had they only had a Filofax to participate with. Yes, there's "Filofax" in the title but, believe me when I say that I made this challenge with no intention to leave anyone in the planner world feeling left out. There are a lot of people out there who are still saving up for their dream Filo's and, in the meantime, are making do with something else. Then, there are those who are quite happy with whatever brand they've got. I am by no means a brand snob when it comes to planners. Therefore, I welcome everyone who has one to participate. The Day-Timers, the Franklin Coveys, the Day Runners, the Designer agendas, and, yes, even the Wal-Mart-o-Faxers...I'm talking to all of you. Ring-bound, wire-bound, journals, and notebooks. Whatever you use--come out and play!

In case you've forgotten or it's your first time, here are the rules. For each day:

  • Read the days prompt
  • Take a photo based on said prompt. Remember, it's a Filofax/planner related photo challenge. Be creative and have fun with it!
  • Upload your photo onto your favorite social network like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also post on the Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge group on Flickr.
  • Share your photo with others and let them know you're playing by including the hashtag #fflovephotoaday into your post

And that's that. Pretty simple, eh? Now mark your calendars, and spread the word. As always, I am looking forward to seeing all your yummy planner photos. Happy snapping! ♥

Yay, for Awesome Dads!

16 June 2013

The first thing I see when I open my planner is a small Instagram photo of my husband and son taken one Summer day by the pool. It's a candid shot, so you can't really see either of their faces. It is also very old--taken when my son was about 10 months old, and he's now just months away from his 2nd birthday! But, I probably won't be updating this photo to a more recent one anytime soon. Why? Because, one, I tend to procrastinate on these things and, two, well, this photo just makes me smile.

Every now and then, while my husband is playing with my son and doing what fathers and sons do best (mostly rough housing, throwing things, and making weird bodily noises), I stop whatever it is I'm doing, and just watch. Most of the time they're unaware that I'm watching or are just too engrossed in each other that they don't even notice me. And for a few seconds, I get to see this beautiful relationship unfold before me. It's these stolen moments of the two of them that I cherish the most. These are the moments that pull at my heart strings and also make me fall in love with my husband all over again.

When we were dating, I knew that, one day, he'd make a good father. And, ever since the day Milk Monster entered our lives, he has done nothing but prove that I was (and am always :D) right. I am truly blessed and thankful to have him by my side not just as my husband, but also a partner in this wonderful/hectic/special/crazy/beautiful world of parenting. And, my son will one day learn just how blessed he is to have such an awesome dad.

To awesome dads all over the world, Happy Fathers Day

The Compagna by Gillio Firenze

14 June 2013

I have been bitten by the Gillio bug thanks to the many beautiful photos and videos on their leather organizers that have been popping up on the planner-sphere. It all started with this video by the lovely Mella who introduced us all to her gorgeous medium Compagna, which left me daydreaming about buttery soft planners for days. According to the Gillio Firenze website, the leather they use in all their products are the most natural, and are of "unparalleled quality". You can read more about them here. After considerable thought, research, and obsessive photo/video viewings, I finally caved. The question at hand was no longer whether or not I should get one, but rather which one do I get?

The Perfect Filofax? Well, Almost.

07 June 2013

I recently won this personal Cavendish on eBay. She's used but is in great condition. She's also not purple or teal or any other fun color. She's burgundy. The boring brown side of the burgundy spectrum at that. No fancy brushed metal or gold hardware on this one, either. Nor is there any fancy croc print of any kind on her leather. So, why was I so thrilled to have won her?

Well, first off, she has 30 mm rings! An inch and then some if you want to do all the converting. Much bigger than the standard 23 mm's you get in most Filofaxes. Rings of this size in a personal size Filofax are few and far between. Sure, there are the Portland Grands and some of the Winchesters, but they are very hard to come by. Trust me, I've looked! And then there are the few zipped binders that also boast larger rings. In fact, I was almost tempted to purchase a Cuban zip at one point, and I don't even like zip binders! Here's a few side-by-side comparisons with my used and abused, yet still beautiful Ochre Malden so you could see just how uh-mazing the Cavendish's rings are.