And Then There Were Two

05 July 2013

In my recent de-cluttering spree in which I've either trashed, donated, or sold various items around the house that were no longer being used, I managed to downsize my planner collection considerably. You might remember a post I did a while ago featuring my (then) Filofax collection. I've actually sold most of those already (not an easy thing to do, mind you!) and several other ring-bound planners in the past month or so. I am now down to--get this--a whopping two. Yep. You read right. TWO!

1. Filofax Malden in Ochre. It's really no surprise that a Malden make it to my collection. I've said it before, and I'll say it again--I think it's the best among the current ranges available. The Ochre has always been a favorite of mine and so, when it came down to deciding which of my three Maldens to keep (Purple and Crimson were the other two), it was easy-peasy. There's something special about the leather of the Ochre Malden. In my opinion, compared to the others, the sheen and texture make it the closest to "vintage looking" which is what I love most about this range of Filofaxes. I like how the scratches and dings it has acquired over the past year add to its overall charm and character.

2. Gillio Compagna in Dark Blue. This little darling is a special one. I am quite impressed with the Gillio brand. The quality of the leather is nothing like I've ever seen in any planner. I can see this one lasting for many, many years. It's "luxurious beauty" meets "every day functionality". I love its simple exterior and the amazing amount of pockets it has on the insides. Despite its hefty price tag (worth every penny!), I'm actually quite rough with it and, like my Malden, look forward to seeing it age over time.

For fun, here's a quick side-by-side comparison of some of the features I like in both planners.

Gillio Compagna Filofax Malden
Leather Italian leather. Pebbly. Uber soft, and flexible. Not too thin or too thick. Scratches can be easily erased using the "rubbing method" (finger + natural oils = no more scratches). "Vintage looking" buffalo leather. Smooth. Thicker than the Gillio, but also very flexible. Picks up scratches easily, but most can also be taken care of with the "rubbing method".
Rings 25 mm golden rings. Snap button is also gold. 23 mm. Not gold.
Exterior Very simple. Snap closure. Wide strap which I wish was a tad bit longer. Overall, considerably wider than the Malden due to the added full-length pocket that runs along the whole back of the planner (more leather), but is by no means bulky even when the planner is stuffed. Takes to the "stuffed look" quite well. Contrast stitching throughout. Snap closure with "Filofax" button on fairly long strap. Has magical expanding capabilities which allows for lots of stuffing.
Interior Tons of storage, plus an awesome full-length pocket in the back of the planner. No full-length pocket, but I find the storage options quite satisfactory.

I should also mention that both are personal size planners, so I can use inserts interchangeably. At the moment, I am using the Gillio as my main planner. I'll do a more updated set-up post soon as we are now in the middle of the year and a lot of the initial set-up has changed. For now, here's a little peek.

Anyway, letting go of material things is harder said than done so, I'm pretty darn proud of myself! Though, I can't say that there will never be anymore planners in the future, at the moment, I'm quite happy with what I have and look forward to actually putting them into good use.

How many planners do you currently have? Do you have more than one? More than two? If so, do you rotate between them all or does each one have a particular use? Leave your comments bellow and, as always, thanks for reading. Happy Friday!