Blogging and Stuff, Planners, and a Baby Bump

13 September 2013

Let's start with the latter, shall we?

Baby Bump

I am happy to finally announce (via blog) that we are expecting baby number 2! Yes, I am preggo! I am with child! I have a bun in the oven! I'm...well, you get it. July has been a very hectic month if you can imagine. Doctors visits, tests, gradually letting family and friends in on the baby news, morning sickness. All this while keeping a very active toddler active and trying desperately not to pass out from exhaustion. It seems as though I'm tired almost all the time. I don't remember growing a baby to be this tiring the first time around! My first pregnancy was definitely a much more smoother ride. But, I guess that's what they mean about all pregnancies being different. Anyway, this explains why I've not been blogging for quite some time now. Sorry. But, we'll get to that later...

The good news is is that everything seems okay and we are all just very excited to welcome in another little blessing into our family.


As this blog has mostly been about my crazy planner addiction, I thought it only fair that I update you on said addiction. The last time I posted, I had mentioned I was down to two planners--my beloved Filofax Malden and my Gillio Compagna. Since then, I've actually gone down to--wait for it--one (ONE!) planner. Yup. My Malden has now gone to a new home and I am left with Gigi the Gillio. I figured being "the one" planner deserves a proper name, right? Anyway, I find that the Gillio is more than enough to meet my planning needs and, although I do have the occasional wants when I see other Filofaxes, I know that I only need one. Will there ever be more planners in the future? Uh, of course! But, for now, Gigi is it and we are quite the happy pair.

Blogging and Stuff

And, finally, my blog. I admit, I have not been the best blogger in the past month or so. Any good blogger will tell you that consistency is key to a successful blog. This, and a few other blog related stuff. But, to be honest, I have decided to put my blogging on the back burner. Forever. Well, temporarily. Er, for now. Actually, how long I'll be away hasn't really been decided yet. So, in the mean time, we'll go with...temporarily. Yes. Or a big "we'll see". The status of this blog was something I spent a good time thinking about. Do I try to continue or do I simply let it go? In the end, I decided that, at the moment, other important things in my life need my attention. This pregnancy, for instance, and ensuring that the baby and I are healthy. And, of course, spending quality time with my family. It dawned on me just the other day that my Milk Monster will be the only child for only so long. These moments with him, these "just the two of us" moments, are priceless, and I want to treasure every second of it before he goes from being "the baby" of the family to "kuya" ("big brother").

So, now that a semi-temporary-who-knows-how-long hiatus has been decided for this blog, what happens to the Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge? Well, I've thought of that, too, and I'm happy to say that will continue. And, despite my lack of participation in July's challenge as I spent the better (worse?) half of it with my face in the toilet (morning sickness, UGH!), I assure you there will be more photos on my part in future challenges. The Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge will continue to be posted every 3 months. Despite the many requests I get to do a monthly challenge (and I've thought a lot about this, too), I've always felt that doing it every month will take away the excitement and newness of doing a Filofax/Planner related photo challenge. I mean, yes, we all love taking photos of our planners, but, seriously, how many planner related photos/prompts can one come up with before it starts becoming repetitive and boring? Totally my opinion, of course, but this is why I stick to the 3 months. :)

However, there has been an August challenge created by a lovely individual who was kind enough to give me the heads up. So, if you're feenin' to play and can't wait, definitely check out this months prompts on her Instagram (@pacificocean74). Don't forget to include her new hash tag #filoaugust. I will still be posting future Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenges here on my blog or via Instagram (@yayforfridays), so definitely keep a look out for those. You can also view photos from past challenges by typing in the hash tag #fflovephotoaday or heading over to the Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge Flickr group.

Anyway, for those who have been following and reading this little blog of mine, I thank you with all my heart. I really do appreciate your kind comments and e-mails. And, though I might be on a semi-temporary-who-knows-how-long hiatus, I'll still be around. You can find me (and Gigi!) on Instagram (@yayforfridays) or you can log onto YouTube, subscribe to my channel, and watch my uploaded Filofax/Planner videos. You can also contact me by e-mailing me at I love getting mail, so don't hesitate to say "hi" or "hello".

Until next time, my dears, take care and here's hoping you have a very happy Friday! ♥


  1. Congrats on your exciting news!

    I took part in the photo-a-day challenge in July and really enjoyed it. It was my first one so I will keep an eye out for the next one :) I agree that doing it every month will take away the fun :)

    Angela xxx

  2. Many, many congratulations on your pregnancy! Thrilling news. xx

  3. Many, many congratulations on your pregnancy news. I am utterly thrilled for you, your husband and your wider family. xx

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy! :)
    And wow, down to just the one planner. I must admit, I've had several thoughts about maybe selling my two Maldens & use the money to go towards owning just one Gillio (not sure how serious a consideration it is though).

  5. What fantastic news - congratulations!!! :-)

  6. Congratulations! I feel the exact same way about devoting this precious time to my daughter before she becomes the big sister in march, and therefore I have put everything else on hold for now. The little moments with our families are just priceless and more important than anything else, even Filofax. (!!!) Hope you feel better soon! I think i am finally starting to see the end of the morning sickness phase, and hope you will too! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy! =D


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