October Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge

29 September 2013

Hi, lovies! It's time for another Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge! I did say I'd be back with one, didn't I? :) And, in response to the many kind e-mails I've gotten from readers regarding my pregnancy, I'm happy to report that all is well with both me and the baby. My face-in-the-toilet days are behind me (let's hope they stay there!) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be smooth sailing from here on out.

Anyway, without further ado, here's Octobers challenge!

As I still get the occasional question or two regarding how to participate in the Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge, I have now added an information page which you can access via the tab on the blog menu above. There you'll find all the information you need regarding the challenge like how to play, and where to share your photos. You can also post any questions, and/or comments you might have regarding the game or even share ideas for prompts that you'd like to see in future Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenges. It's a great read for those who have never done a Photo-a-Day Challenge before, particularly one that's made specifically for the Filofax and planner community.

I've also been aware of the several other Filofax/Planner related photo challenges that are now out there. To these, I say, "AWESOME!" When I first started this challenge, I didn't realize how quickly it would catch on. So, yes, I'm thrilled that people have enjoyed the Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge and that there are now other planner related photo challenges out there for those who want to participate regularly. More photo ops means even more yummy planner photos. And, there really is no such thing as having too many drool-worthy planner photos out there, right? I think not!

So, mark your calendars--er, planners--and pass the information on by sharing it via the social media outlet of your choice. Remember, this challenge is for all planner users of all brands, shapes, and sizes. Tuesday is the day to play! Come and join in on the fun and, as always, happy snapping!

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