Filofax Fridays: Oh, Filofax, How I've Missed You!

13 December 2013

Last we talked "planners", I had sold most of my Filofaxes and other ring-bound binders and was down to only two--my beloved Ochre Malden and a Compagna by Gillio. Well, I eventually sold those for reasons that are my own, and was quite content working out of a Midori Travelers Notebook for a moment.

I had originally purchased the Midori for journaling which (surprise, surprise) I never got around to doing and so I thought I'd put it to use as my main organizer/planner. For awhile, the system I had set up worked out well. I had everything in terms of my planning needs--monthly/weekly calendar, paper for note taking, list making, and to-do's, and plenty pockets for storage--all in a beautifully made compact system that fit nicely into my bag. It was just like having a Filofax. Well, not really...

Like with most binded notebooks and planners, I began to miss the flexibility of a ring-bound organizer and the ability to move around, add to, and take away information. Without rings, this was something the Midori was lacking. So, I eventually sold that, too, and began working on my Filofax come back.

I don't know why I even left, but I'm happy to be back. And with two of the most beautiful Filofaxes no less! The Ochre Malden has made a comeback for its third time around, and I was beyond thrilled to have found this brand new lipstick red Piccadilly on eBay. If you remember, I had found a pre-loved one before in a jolly green color which you can read more about here.

Now the fun begins--the setup. But, which one to use first? Hmmm...

It's so good to be back!


  1. Yes, welcome back to Filofax!
    I love the look of the Midori (very Indiana Jones), but I'd definitely miss the flexibility that a binder gives me. And I do know about comebacks as I've owned 2 vintage pink A5 Maldens & 2 crimson personal Maldens! Very relieved to be back in my crimson personal & I'm not letting this one go again :)

    1. Oh, to get my hands on another Crimson Malden! One of the many ones I regret letting go of. Lucky you! :)


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