DIY Fish Life Mapping Inserts: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

11 July 2014

The first time I stumbled upon DIY Fish's Life Mapping Inserts (LMI), I turned right the other way and went about my business. Nope. Definitely not for me, I thought. Besides, I was perfectly happy with my current system of monthly + weekly pages and, quite frankly, her inserts intimidated the heck out of me. But, I recently came upon them again in the plannersphere and, being someone who is always down to try anything that could possibly help make my life more organized and easy, I decided to give her a try. After several blogs and photos, and countless YouTube videos later, I was intrigued and soon found myself purchasing a trial set of her inserts for August (from here). Among the many versions and styles to choose from, I went with the A5 LMI V02.2/2.1 which includes the monthly spreads, weekly pages, Day-on-2-page, and Day-on-1-page diaries all in a neat little bundle for me to play around with.

Now, I won't go into detail on what the actual Life Mapping system is about as I am still learning about them myself. You can read more about it on Fish's blog where she explains the system with photos and lots of helpful tutorials. Fish herself is wonderful and was kind enough to answer all my questions. There is also loads of information around the web and a very helpful group on Facebook (DIYFish Life Mapping Community!) that you can join and stalk for days like I did trying to accumulate as much information as I could from other users.

What I like about the system so far is the idea of having my monthly, weekly, even my daily pages, all in front of me. No more flipping back and forth between my weekly and my monthly calendars which is something that happens a lot with my current system. If everything works out as I imagine it to, this might even affect the entire set-up of my planner. But, that's me getting ahead of myself. I've only just printed the inserts out, cut and hole punched them, but have yet to really look at them and set them up for next month. I'm looking forward to jumping in and seeing what all the hype is about.

If you're a die hard fan of DIY Fish's Life Mapping inserts, I'd love to know how you are using them. Any tips and/or advice will be greatly appreciated! I'll keep you all posted on how the trial goes. Is it August yet?

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