Return of The Malibu + The Quest Continues

26 September 2014

I once purchased a Malibu by Day Timer a while back after reading a blog post that had me quite interested. I did a quick review on that one which you can read here. I don't know exactly what it was about this planner, whether it was the plum color I had chosen or the fact that, at the time, I was completely blinded by the Malden. Whatever the reason, I just wasn't crazy about it. In my search for the perfect on-the-go planner and companion to my Van der Spek, and after hearing the rave reviews on the Malibus from various users, and after discovering that my beloved inserts would fit perfectly in them, I decided to give the Malibu another chance. Plus, I was kind of curious to see this particular color in person.

October Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge

19 September 2014

 photo photo1_zps8b178a3d.jpg

I can't believe I'm posting this years last Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge. Is it really nearly October already? As in only 3 more months to go before the end of the year? I just can't believe it. Wasn't I just posting January's Photo-a-Day like, yesterday?! Sheesh.

Anyway, here it is. The last challenge of the year. And a week and a half early, too, so that you'll have time to spread the love via your fave social media, and still have plenty of time left over to print the prompts out, and/or write them down in your planners. That way, when the first of the month comes to nip you in the butt when you aren't looking (because it will), you'll be ready. Remember, planner lovers of all kinds and of all brands are welcome to participate. Ring-bounders, wire-bounders, disc-bounders, Midoris, Faux Doris, Gillios, Van der Spekkies, Franklin Covey addicts, Filofaxers, the Kate Spaders, the kikki.K crew, and the no namers...all are welcome to join. And if I've missed anyone, I didn't mean to. You're welcome here, too! If you're brand new to the challenge, you can find the rules here or simply send me an e-mail at with your questions and I'll be more than happy to help. I like getting mail. :)

If you haven't done so already, don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@yayforfridays) where I will be posting my photos for the challenge. Now, get those planners camera ready, and let your creative juices flow. And while you're doing all that, don't forget to have fun! Happy snapping, everyone, and a very happy Friday to you as well!

First Look: Ava by Franklin Covey + An Ongoing Quest for the Perfect On-The-Go Planner

12 September 2014

A while back, there was a bit of a frenzy among members in the Franklin Covey Addicts Facebook group (yes, I follow way too many planner groups). Someone had found a seller on Amazon who was selling Ava binders at a crazy low price. These binders usually sell for $75 to $90 depending on the size, but due to certain "flaws" they had as a result of poor shipping, they were going for less than $30! I wasn't exactly sure what I had planned to do with this binder when I hit the "checkout" button, but here she is.

This is a Franklin Covey (FC) compact size binder which is equivalent to a personal size in a Filofax only larger to accommodate the wider FC inserts. The "Teal" color is a gorgeous deep blue. Very pretty. The Ava is also available in a Plum, and Charcoal color and in the larger Classic size which is equivalent to an A5.

I was very relieved that the damage on the binder was minimal. In fact, mine arrived almost perfect, save for a small dent on the back cover. Barely noticeable.

The leather on this binder has a nice pebbly feel to it. It is pliable, but definitely somewhat structured due to some kind of material used in between the leather that helps the binder keep its shape. It has a super long (love!), adjustable (love!) belted/buckled (don't love) strap with a magnetic popper. The interior is lined with a white geometric-like patterned fabric which is not too busy. Definitely a nice break from your typical all leather planner if that's something you might be looking for. On your left, you get one elasticated leather pen loop which is quite generous, a rather short secretarial pocket, 4 card slots, and 1 window/ID pocket. On the right, another secretarial pocket with a zippered compartment. The rings measure at 1".

Anyway, so why the binder? Well, with the compact Finsbury out of the running in my ongoing quest for the perfect on-the-go planner, I thought that I'd give this binder a go. Yes, I went from 15 mm (less than an inch) to 1 inch rings. And, yes, what is "compact" in the Filofax world is totally different in FC land. I know this. So what was I thinking? Well, I've heard of others using both their A5's and personal size planners in conjunction with one another so, I figured, why not me? I could take everything from my main planner, split my sections among the two planners keeping the things I needed with me while out and about in the Ava, and the rest at home. Problem solved, right? Quest over? Of course not! I soon realized that the Ava was just way too big for what I needed which, in reality, isn't a whole lot.

I blame the enablers, really. Or maybe it was the thrilling possibility of finally getting to use my favorite Franklin Covey inserts--as is--that spurred me on. There wouldn't be any trimming necessary. Just pop them in and be on my merry way. Or maybe I'm just a crazy planner lady. :) So, yes, the Ava will most likely be making her way back to where she came from.

Anyway, are you a Franklin Covey addict? Which FC binder are you currently crushing and why? Leave your comments below and as always, thanks for visiting. Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Fins Fail: Back to The Drawing Board

05 September 2014

With the A5 Van der Spek (VDS) as my main planner, I've been considering something more portable that I could use while on the go. Though surprisingly lightweight for an A5, I still think the VDS somewhat awkward to lug around while running errands and such. With its 35 mm rings, it's fairly chunky. Add to this the typical on-the-go essentials for both my 6 month old and toddler, plus my usual purse things, and you've got one pretty heavy bag already. I know a lot of people who carry their A5's (or similar) around with them with no problem, but it's just not going to happen for me. So, I've been looking around at all my options and finally decided to try out a compact size Filofax for the first time. Enter the compact Finsbury.