October Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge

19 September 2014

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I can't believe I'm posting this years last Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge. Is it really nearly October already? As in only 3 more months to go before the end of the year? I just can't believe it. Wasn't I just posting January's Photo-a-Day like, yesterday?! Sheesh.

Anyway, here it is. The last challenge of the year. And a week and a half early, too, so that you'll have time to spread the love via your fave social media, and still have plenty of time left over to print the prompts out, and/or write them down in your planners. That way, when the first of the month comes to nip you in the butt when you aren't looking (because it will), you'll be ready. Remember, planner lovers of all kinds and of all brands are welcome to participate. Ring-bounders, wire-bounders, disc-bounders, Midoris, Faux Doris, Gillios, Van der Spekkies, Franklin Covey addicts, Filofaxers, the Kate Spaders, the kikki.K crew, and the no namers...all are welcome to join. And if I've missed anyone, I didn't mean to. You're welcome here, too! If you're brand new to the challenge, you can find the rules here or simply send me an e-mail at yayforfridays@gmail.com with your questions and I'll be more than happy to help. I like getting mail. :)

If you haven't done so already, don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@yayforfridays) where I will be posting my photos for the challenge. Now, get those planners camera ready, and let your creative juices flow. And while you're doing all that, don't forget to have fun! Happy snapping, everyone, and a very happy Friday to you as well!


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    1. LOL. I can't take credit for it, unfortunately. I believe it was Janet Carr from the VDS Facebook group that first coined the term. :)


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