First Look: Crème Brûlée Traveler's Notebook by Chic Sparrow

03 October 2014

Okay, can we seriously just take a minute to look at and appreciate the loveliness that is this notebook? No, it's not made out of real crème brûlée (wouldn't that just be yum though?). But, it does live up to its name because it looks absolutely scrumptious!

I got this handmade beauty from Jennifer Harvey. Her Etsy shop--Chic Sparrow--is where you can find hand crafted traveler's notebooks that she makes using different leathers in all sorts of colors and sizes. This particular one is the Narrow Crème Brûlée Leather Traveler's Notebook which holds the same size refills as the original Midori Traveler's Notebook (MTN). It's also available in "Dark Chocolate" (your mouth watering yet?), and a color called "Black Beauty" that I noticed wasn't available when I placed my order, so could be new. There is also a Wide version of the Crème Brûlée which holds large (8.25" x 5") Cahier notebooks by Moleskine or any bound notebook with the same measurements.

My Crème Brûlée arrived rather quickly, snug in its own little cream cotton bag. The leather smell is what hit me first. Pure heaven. I love the smell of brand new leather. And the feel? Ah-mazing! Smooth on the outside, and ruggedly raw on the inside. It's thick enough to give you that bit of structure, yet it's also very pliable. It feels great in my hands. And I'm sure it'll only become more buttery soft with time and love. ♥ Included in the notebook are four elastic bands, perfect for storing several notebooks so that they sit nicely inside without any overhang, smooth finished edges, and a black elastic band to hold it all together. I requested two page marker strings as there was no mention of them being included in the item details, but was happy to receive a total of four which is more than I need. Everything looked neat and professionally done.

I've always been a big fan of the MTN and owned both a regular and pocket size at one point. All beautiful in their own way, but this one...this one's truly special. I absolutely love the fact that it was hand crafted and that someone put their time and effort into making something so beautiful. It makes this Traveler's Notebook more special than any of the ones I've owned.

My previous MTN's were purchased with the intention to journal in them, but they soon were neglected and re-homed when I realized that I just suck at journaling. It's just something that I never picked up on and probably never will. So, I figured I needed another purpose (read: excuse) to purchase the Crème Brûlée.

You guys, I think I may have found the ideal on-the-go planner! This is the perfect size to take with me everywhere. Portable enough without being too small or too big and heavy when filled. I thought that maybe a smaller ring-bound planner was what I needed, but I see it clearly now. The traveler's notebook will be perfect for jotting down ideas and information on the fly. There won't be any rings to get in the way when writing, and I don't need to worry about it being jostled around in my bag because there's nothing more beautiful than a worn out leather notebook. I can't wait for this baby to get all dinged up. It'll wear its battle scars beautifully, I'm sure.

My ongoing quest may have finally come to an end. Now, the fun part begins--filling'er up! Excuse me, but, I've got a beautiful leather notebook to set up. Happy Friday!

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