Happy National Handbag Day + What's In My Bag

10 October 2014

Today marks the second annual National Handbag Day. As a lover of bags, I thought it'd be fun to switch gears a bit and do a quick What's In My Bag post. I've always enjoyed watching these kinds of videos on YouTube or reading these kinds of posts on other blogs. If there's anything that tickles my fancy as much as peeking into other peoples planners does, it's seeing what everyone carries in their day-to-day bag. Here's a quick look at what's in mine.

1. The Bag: Zuma Woven Satchel by Urban Expressions
I've been a longtime fan of Urban Expressions. They're well known for their eco and animal friendly, fashionable handbags. Each bag is 100% certified vegan so they're great for the environment. They're also quite affordable, and beautifully designed which is awesome for my wallet and wardrobe. Despite being non-leather, their bags are made very well. You don't get that cheap, flimsy, pleather feel like you would in some other non-leather brands and I absolutely love the attention to details. Overall, definitely worth adding to the bag rotation. Both super cute, and super functional (hello, detachable adjustable shoulder strap!) it's the perfect bag for carrying all my on-the-go essentials.

So What's Inside?
I'm currently a mother of two boys, both under the age of 5, so the stuff I carry in my bag is going to reflect my lifestyle. No, my bag isn't always this organized. No, you're not going to find anything extremely exciting. One thing's for sure, now that my youngest is 7 months old and nearing the 1 year mark, we no longer need to lug around a ton of things when we're out like we did when he was much younger. This means I'm finally out of the big ol'diaper bag and in a normal purse. And I so missed my purses. Mamas, you feel me, right? Anyway, here we go.

2. Sweet Pea Double Zip Beauty Organizer by Orla Kiely for Target. I recently purchased this to use as a pencil case after trying out every type of pencil/cosmetic/accessory pouch available out there. The double compartments allow me to fit a ton of things. It holds several of my go-to pens and markers with plenty of room to spare for things like page flags, washi tape, and stickers. Now I have all my planning essentials with me wherever I go. I like it so much, I've even considered purchasing another to use as an actual cosmetic bag.

3. Cosmetic/First-Aid/Random Stuff Pouch. I wish I could tell you what brand this is or where it's from or tell you how well organized everything is inside (it's not). I can tell you that, for its size, it carries a whole lot of stuff! It's my traveling medicine cabinet/toiletry drawer and everything in between.

4. Creme Brulee Traveler's Notebook from Chic Sparrow. I swear, I fall in love with this notebook more and more every day. If you recall, it's what ended my quest for the perfect on-the-go planner. It currently holds several notebooks for jotting down various notes/info and a monthly calendar. Just love it. Love, love, LOVE...

5. HUGGIES Wipes Clutch. Pretty self-explanatory. This also doubles as a diaper clutch. Told you. Not very exciting.

6. Colorblock Legacy Zippy Wallet by Coach. An oldie, but a goodie. Both a wallet and wristlet, it's perfect for taking with you on quickie errands. Tons of interior pockets with room for my cell phone, too. I absolutely love the wristlet function which is extremely helpful when toting around small children. My 7 month old loves it, too, hence the chewed up end of the wrist strap. Pretty good excuse for getting a new one, right? :)

Not photographed is my usual water bottle, bag(s) of munchies, keys, sunglasses, cell phone, and a random toy that my oldest has stuck in there for safe keeping. And that's pretty much it! With two little ones, I try to stick to the essentials and not over pack my handbags. I don't need to be weighed down anymore than I already am.

Okay, so, I've shown you what's inside my bag. Comment below, or tag me (@yayforfridays) on Instagram and show me what's inside yours. Don't forget to hit that "follow" button while you're at it. Happy National Handbag Day! And a very Happy Friday to you, too!

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