First Look: Marbell Binder by Franklin Covey

28 November 2014

Hope everyone had a lovely week. For those who celebrated, was your Thanksgiving full of gratitude and yummy turkey? I know mine was. I'm still stuffed!

Anyway, as promised, here's a first look at the Marbell binder by Franklin Covey (FC). It's an older model and one you might be lucky to find on eBay or maybe from another planner enthusiast like I did. The product tag tucked into one of the pockets dates this binder back to 2005.

Return of the Aurora + Hello, Marbell

07 November 2014

I had an Aurora a while back. It was around the time I had first discovered Filofax and so I wasn't really looking for another Franklin Covey binder. It was more of an impulse buy and I soon decided to part ways with it after days of neglect. I have since been looking for another to replace it and having made the jump back to Franklin Covey compact size inserts and planners, I was even more desperate to find one. It had all the features I liked in an FC binder--1.25" gold rings, beautiful, unstructured leather. But the Aurora was an elusive little thing. For me, at least, having had no luck at all on eBay and with no one willing to part with theirs. Until recently, that is, when someone from the Franklin Covey Addicts Facebook group was willing to help a girl out.