Allons-y, Alonso! Storyteller Traveler's Notebook by Chic Sparrow

30 January 2015

Okay. So, I'm a bit of a dork. (Like you haven't figured that out already).

I'm also a big fan of Jennifer Harvey's beautiful leather Traveler's Notebooks. Ever since my very first handcrafted notebook, the beautiful Creme Brulee (check out a First Look here), I was instantly hooked and new it would not be my last. Being that this is my second custom Traveler's Notebook, I wanted to go with something quirky and fun this time around. Enter: the Doctor. Doctor who? EXACTLY!

Thanks to my best friend, I recently got hooked to the show. I know, where have I been?! Late as always, that's me. Apparently, this is always the case when it comes to popular television. And movies, and books. Nonetheless, I have become obsessed and have spent many nights binge watching and traveling with the Doc-tour (because you got to say it with the accent!) and his lovable companions to distant galaxies, having ourselves all sorts of timey-wimey adventures. I've just gotten to the part where they've introduced the 12th Doctor who I have mixed feelings about and don't know if I like yet. The 10th and 11th were by far my favorites. But, I digress!

This particular notebook is from Jennifer's Storyteller collection. The leather is different from the buttery soft and floppy Creme Brulee. Definitely a bit more structured, but still feels quite nice in my hands. I went with the Navy Blue a la the Tardis. Maybe it's not "the bluest blue ever", but it's close enough and beautiful all the same. And, for added fun, I opted for an inscription this time and went with the 10th doctors favorite French saying, Allons-y which, if you didn't know already, translates to "let's go". A rather spot-on inscription for a Traveler's Notebook if you ask me.

I've only recently set this up for the new year. It's quite empty, but there's a reason for this. Unlike my planners which I tend to set up so that it's already chock full of stuff that I need, I wanted my notebook to evolve over time. Right now, it's got only the bare essentials--three notebooks, a kraft file, and some pockets. Save for the few memorabilia I've already popped into the zip pocket, I haven't added much to it. Over time, I'm sure it will change as things get thrown in and added to. I haven't even figured out exactly how I want to use each notebook save for jotting random notes in one of them. But, I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough.

My husband thinks it's silly of me to base the look of my notebook on a show that I may not even like years from now. And, maybe he's got a point. But, at the end of the day it's still a beautifully made notebook. I really love the blue. It makes me happy every time I use it and it reminds me of something I enjoy.

Anyway, if you're looking for your first Traveler's Notebook or want another to add to your collection, Jennifer Harvey's is definitely worth checking out. You can see all the gorgeous leather notebooks she has available on her new online shop at She's got different leather variations in gorgeous colors, and loads of fun customization options. But, be warned--you might just find yourself hooked.

Do you have a Traveler's Notebook or leather journal? What do you use it for? Are you a Doctor Who fan? Share in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. Until next Friday, thank you for stopping by. Yay, for the weekend!

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