Planner-Plus-Wallet Dilemma Solved

27 February 2015

I've always fancied the idea of having both my planner and my wallet all together in one neat little place. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. In fact, there are many who make it work and I so envy them. I've tried many times before without success and yet I still keep coming back to the idea every time I'm in a new planner.

Anyway, after another failed planner-plus-wallet attempt in a Franklin Covey Compact Aurora, I recently discovered that I may never get this whole thing down. Maybe it's just not for me. I made my peace with it and it's all good because, for the new year, I've got myself a new wallet that kind of sorta gives me the best of both worlds. Let me share.

Pick Your Planner Giveaway at

13 February 2015

I recently discovered that the awesome people at Franklin Covey will be giving one lucky winner a planner and a binder of their choice in a giveaway they announced this week on their blog! All you have to do is share on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter a photo of the binder and planner you'd like to win from along with reasons why you'd love to win them.

I rarely participate in giveaways but this one is just too good of an opportunity to pass. You get a FREE planner and binder? Whichever binder or planner your heart so desires? Uh, yes, please!

For my entry, I picked the Classic Giada in Navy and the 1PPD (one page per day) Blooms inserts. The Giada's been on my wishlist and I've always wanted to try out the Blooms pages. I'm currently using the Original 1PPD inserts and they've been working out great. The giveaway instructions says to be "creative" when explaining why we've chosen the binder and planner that we did, so I thought I'd do a little rhyme. It's to the theme song of the TV show "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". I figured everyone who's familiar with the show knows the theme song. Or, if not, knows how to Google it, at least. Mind you, I'm not really good at this stuff, but it goes a little somethin' like this. Can I get a little mic check, 1, 2. :)


Now, this is a story all about how
my life got flipped-turned upside down.
So I'd like to take a minute, real soon you'll see
why I want this awesome planner from Franklin Covey

In Southern Cali-for-nia, born and raised
In my mom-cave is where I spend planning my days.
Got my Frixions and washi out, it was all cool
Just schedulin' events for my sons preschool

When a couple of peeps in a planner page
Shared a post on Facebook that was all the rage
A giveaway from Franklin C. too good to be true
It said, "pick a planner and a binder n' we'll give 'em to you!"

Saw the Blooms and Giada, knew they had to be mine
Peb-bly Italian leather lookin' real fine.
Two pen loops, some card slots, window ID
With "eco-friendly dye that ages beautifully"

So, I posted this pic about seven or eight
And I thought to myself, "yo, Giada, smell you later!"
(yes, really)
Looked at the time, crossed my fingers, we'll see.
Pretty please, Franklin Covey, pick me! Pick me!

Told you I wasn't good! But, I had so much fun putting it together so that's all that matters. My photo and rhyme are available on my Instagram (@yayforfridays). Come follow me!

Anyway, head over to for more details on the giveaway. It'll be fun to see what binders and planners everyone wants. Thank you, Franklin Covey, for this amazing giveaway! And, to all participating, good luck! Happy Friday everyone!

First Look: Quinn Binder by Franklin Covey

06 February 2015

I have been eyeing the Quinn binder since it first appeared on the Franklin Covey website last year. But, it's been getting some mixed reviews from people in some of the planner groups I follow, so I've been kind of hesitant to make the purchase. The bad reviews seemed to outweigh the good. Things like "too stiff", and "puffy cover" were putting me off a bit. It really sucks not to be able to have a physical store to go to anymore and actually see the binders in person and form my own opinions about them, and I so wanted to give the Quinn a chance. So, this past weekend, I finally took the plunge and hit the checkout button. She arrived a few days ago (yay, for free overnight shipping!) and is ready for her closeup look.